XchangeBTC Review – A Recommended Cryptocurrency Broker

XchangeBTC Broker Rating
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XchangeBTC is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full XchangeBTC review to learn more about XchangeBTC.

XchangeBTC Review

XchangeBTC logoXchangeBTC is a Bitcoin broker, which provides secure and fast trading of Bitcoin. They are fully automated the moment you have the money in your account. You can withdraw your Bitcoin in real-time at any time. Let’s have a detailed XchangeBTC review to choose one of the best brokerage services for you.

They offer a wide range of deposits and options of withdrawal also to choose from, so you can find one, which best meets your needs. XchangeBTC is also available on mobile devices with their app that can be downloaded for iPhone or Android. As XchangeBTC supports both SMS authentication, YubiKey authorization as well as Google Authenticator they are very serious about data protection, they use two-factor authentication when trading with XchangeBTC every day.

XchangeBTC website

Some most highlighted features


Do you want to invest in cryptocurrencies without having to know about trading and exchanges? You do not have time or knowledge to go into depth on the many cryptocurrency options. By lending cryptocurrencies, you can earn interest without doing anything.


XchangeBTC is an online cryptocurrency brokerage that lets you buy and sell crypto coins with low fees and great support. When you trade through this brokerage, they will send coins directly into your wallet so you do not have to deal with long wait times or worry about delayed withdrawals like other brokerages that do not have fast servers. In addition, whenever the prices go up you can sell your crypto coins now and can earn profit. Their dedicated team of support staff is available to answer any questions you may have about their service at any time.

Mining on cloud based systems

Get familiar with everything before you move on to something bigger. You do not want to jump into a pool that is too deep if you are not experienced yet because it will be easy to get frustrated when you constantly lose money while things are not going well. Do not just blindly invest in some cloud-mining broker without any knowledge of what they do either. Many people have lost money doing this before so beware.

This is where cloud mining fits in. You can use the service to rent hashing power (hash rate) over an amount of time and mine coins like you would normally do with your equipment, but without requiring extra space, electricity bills, or noise. XchangeBTC offers its crypto mining on cloud systems so their clients can mine their coins in a very easy way without prior knowledge and heavy systems of mining.


XchangeBTC also provides the options of loans with very low interest to their prior customers. By which you can set your financial goals.

Account Types

As many other brokerages this brokerage also provides the best suited account options so that you can choose one of them according to your needs.

XchangeBTC account types

  • Mini Account

The mini account comes with a minimum deposit of two BTC and offers a margin loan of up to 25%.

Trading is exciting. It is an opportunity to gain something in return for the knowledge you have and the experience you go through.

The financial market is always changing. Sometimes it might be up or down so there are many opportunities out there to take or give profit depending on your trade’s strategy. Therefore, this account option gives the details of trading by the weekly market review option.

There are thousands of available assets online so traders can find what they need according to their trading style preferences. That is why the Mini account comes with the weekly live streams and trading webinars of very professional and experienced brokers, which can help you, gain much more experience.

One of the most challenging things about the trading industry is the amount of information that you get every day in addition to staying updated with all price movements with your selected asset. To resolve this issue this account offers the Account manager option who will handle your account, will give you the updates of your selected assets, and much more.

  • Silver Account

One of the most important aspects of trading is building a solid foundation. For some, this includes doing months of research before trying out their strategies with real money. However, their clients, simply want to make trades on an active basis without having to constantly monitor things or wait for analysis at Silver Account. Up to 35% Margin Loan, This offering makes it easier for traders who are looking to take advantage of market opportunities right away.

Daily Market Signals 1:200 leverage are the best services that users will receive when opening a silver account with XchangeBTC. The broker also provides daily market signals, which are available for any trader who wants to make better decisions on their investments.

Personalized investing is about the personal touch of working with a broker one-on-one instead of using algorithms or index funds to invest your money that is why this account comes with the work with broker option. Personalized investing creates an investment strategy built around the individual investor’s needs and goals. This account also comes with the Personal account manager who looks at everything from risk tolerance to trading activity, among other factors, to establish what type of investor you are and create an investment plan that is customized just for you. The minimum deposit for this account is more than 10 BTC.

  • Gold account

One of the biggest advantages of a gold account is the margin loan. A broker can obtain more than a 50% margin loan using this account. The terms and conditions are personal to the broker and the loan is given to them free of charge. It is like a free loan but with the potential of making a profit.

The gold account is a high leverage trading account specifically designed for swing and day traders to take advantage of the opportunities that can arise from volatility in price movement across all major markets.

There is the option of the daily market review, which provides you with the latest trends, and updates of all the assets you have so that you can perfectly plan your trading assets.

Designed with one goal in mind, this account provides you with everything you need to trade your way to success. With an unparalleled range of tools available and their entire team at your disposal, they want you to take control and trade with confidence.

There is also the option of a Weekly live stream and trading webinars in the gold account.

In addition, you have a personal broker. You can trade mobile to mobile with a live person helping you through your trading ventures.

It is all about risk management and planning how to use your money in the best possible way to make a huge profit from it. If you are not confident enough to do this on your own, there is the option of one-on-one discussions, which will give you advice for each specific journey that might be beneficial for you to take. In addition, let’s not forget their In-Depth Research Tool that gives detailed analyses into any stock or futures contract that they think might provide an attractive return on investment (ROI). They never recommend purchasing anything without previous research as it is important to choose your stocks before you spend money.

As they want you to start thinking about risk management, they offer a very useful tool called Portfolio Construction. This is all because they understand that it is not easy to find the best deals and take advantage of them if it comes to trading, so why not let them do the hard work for you. All you have to focus on is enjoying the ride as their team takes care of everything else.

  • Diamond account

The diamond account comes with a minimum deposit of more than 45 BTC. This account has a 1:300 leverage and up to 75% margin loan. There is also a Personal Broker service, which creates the full picture of the Diamond Account.

This account comes with a daily market review and live stream trading webinars weekly. Moreover, there are daily one on one sessions with top analysts, customized education, and in-depth research. In addition to that, you can get invites to VIP events and managed portfolio reports.


VIP account comes with a minimum deposit of 45 BTC and it gives you some extra privileges.

The VIP account has a leverage of 1:400 and a margin loan of up to 100%. The lower minimum deposit and some extra privileges for this type of accounts make dealing desk brokers more open and willing to trade. It is also possible to get a personal chief broker through the “brokers list”.

The education section of V.I.P is more extensive than that of mini or silver accounts, which include daily market review & signals, webinars about how to read graphs, customized education on your needs, and updates every month via email about new platforms and tools available for traders.

You will get your chief broker to manage your account and give you extra support about the markets to execute the best trades possible with the strategy.

VIP account status comes with a very dedicated management team who is willing to listen and take care of any issue, although they cannot interfere when your chief broker makes trades.

Why should you choose XchangeBTC?

XchangeBTC offers guaranteed withdrawals within 1 hour so there is no loss of your time nor do you have to worry about your withdrawals. They offer 24/7 multilingual support takes care of every need you might have, while non-stop trading ensures that your trades are executed without any delays or bank holidays. You can also get full data protection by using a wide range of deposit and withdrawal methods.

You get 100% secured trading with XchangeBTC due to its state-of-the-art technology equipped for even over weekends. In addition, an experienced trader guides you through each step in case there is any uncertainty about what to do next. Trading under expert supervision ensures that even beginners will make the most out of it.

You should only choose the best-suited brokerage for your investments if you want to be sure about safety and security at all times while choosing between the numerous options available like XchangeBTC.

Their services are geared to those who demand lightning-fast execution, dependable digital wallets, and secure online transactions. Although you will find these qualities in many of the alternative crypto products available, none has the reputation and proven record of accomplishment of XchangeBTC. This reputation holds for both their web-based trading platform, as well as their long-standing cell phone-based app.

Robust Customer Care

XchangeBTC is a broker that offers a wide range of customer services to its clients and with that come certain technical issues that may arise. No one wants to have to deal with these types of issues themselves, which is why the broker has implemented a dependable customer support service that can answer any question or resolve any problem you may be having. Having a broker that offers such a service is crucial, as it protects your investment and ensures you will not experience an issue during trading.

A client can open a ticket by going to the support page of the XchangeBTC website and filling out the form. While they do offer telephone and email support, they recommend contacting them through this method first, as sending emails and making phone calls takes more time than using their ticket system. This way, your issues will have higher priority, which means that they will be resolved faster. It also allows you to keep track of all conversations between yourself and the broker’s staff members so there are no misunderstandings about what was discussed. In addition to this, it allows for easy communication between the broker employees and yourself.

XchangeBTC prides itself on being prompt in its response time with tickets. They have a maximum response time of six hours; although they will do their best to have your issue looked into within an hour. The brokerage guarantees that once you submit a ticket, someone from his or her support staff will look at it within four hours during normal business hours. Those who are not available during the day can send the ticket when they are ready for help. This is all quite reassuring when you need assistance directly related to trading.

Top-Notch Security

XchangeBTC is dedicated to keeping your data safe and has implemented “bank-level security” with its SSL encryption services. They also implement different codes when transferring user information to further protect sensitive client data. The brokerage claims that all servers are scanned for vulnerabilities at least twice a day, while internal vulnerability scans are done daily under proactive development processes. Additionally, XchangeBTC employs firewalls on every server, which protects its network from unauthorized access.

When it comes to transferring data, most companies simply rely upon HTTP (Hypertext Protocol). However, XchangeBTC has implemented several protocols for transferring data, such as the encrypted HTTPS protocol and SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). HTTP is unencrypted and vulnerable to people “eavesdropping” on data, while FTP is also unencrypted. They use these more secure protocols with the understanding that its users will be sending sensitive information.


XchangeBTC is dedicated to providing traders with the best possible education. With that in mind, they have created an Education Center, where you can find a variety of educational materials, including eBooks on various topics.

XchangeBTC is currently also working on creating more educational products, including video courses on Forex and Bitcoin trading, webinars and private classes with their traders, a downloadable eBook store with a wide range of topics for all levels of trader education — from the absolute beginner to the more advanced traders.


If you have a good time in the trading process then you will be more willing to invest your money in this platform and continue to invest. You can keep track of all your investments on an easy-to-read chart. In addition, since XchangeBTC is one of the most popular online investment platforms there are going to be many traders who want access to this information.

They offer full transparency for their users; therefore, they will get all of their assets back when they request them (except for any costs that occur during the process). This makes it safer for everyone involved.

If you are looking for an excellent Bitcoin or any crypto coin trading experience, consider XchangeBTC. It provides a range of possibilities to trade BTC, making sure you will never miss trading the same item again. You may use one of the most popular trading platforms to take advantage of certain interesting features.

As opposed to being a hard-nosed brokerage, they have created a friendly and comfortable environment for traders. XchangeBTC is most definitely your best choice for a safe and profitable BTC trading brokerage. They offer all the advantages that any serious trader would be looking for.