Elon Musk doesn’t Support NFTs and Web3

Elon Musk is a great supporter of decentralization and of the crypto market, as he has been seen multiple times in the past supporting multiple cryptocurrencies. It first started with Bitcoin, and he continued to support the flagship cryptocurrency and even bought a huge quantity of it for his company Tesla but then gave it up because Bitcoin mining proposed serious damage to the environment. Then he did tag himself along with Dogecoin, the meme-based cryptocurrency, and continued to parade it up and down the canal as he tried his level best to get the price of the token going all the way to a whole dollar.

He couldn’t do that as well, so moving ahead, his influence and dedication to cryptocurrencies and the crypto market started to diminish. He is currently not active with all the influencing and posting something about the cryptocurrencies, or for that matter, the one thing that he completely wants everyone to stop arguing about the crypto market is the idea of Web3.

Elon Musk wants people to stop taking up the idea of non-fungible tokens and Web3 and shoving it down into everybody’s throat; it is not like the technology is completely ready just now, and for that reason, people should stop looking like this ultimate advertiser on cryptocurrencies by throwing out some fancy terms such as Web3, decentralized autonomous organizations or non-fungible tokens. He has shared an image on Twitter where a person comes to him in the urinal talking about Web3 and DAO. It is a clear interpretation of someone who doesn’t want to be bothered with a particular type of content, and it seems that people are really bothering him with that either on Twitter or through some other social media approach.

Web3 is this enlightened initiative that would prove to be the basis of a new Internet where people would reclaim ownership of their data and how things are done. Elon Musk doesn’t share the same thoughts as everyone else when it comes to non-fungible tokens and Web3, and he would very much like it if people would just stop bothering him with all this.