PrimeOakmont Review – A Recommended Cryptocurrency Broker

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PrimeOakmont is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full PrimeOakmont review to learn more about PrimeOakmont.

PrimeOakmont Review

PrimeOakmont logoPrimeOakmont has created a platform based entirely on Bitcoin-related operations and activities. They offer investors the ability to trade various currencies, including Ripple (XRP), lite coin (LTC), and Ethereum (ETH). Let’s have a detailed PrimeOakmont review and choose one of the best brokers for you today.

PrimeOakmont was founded in 2013 and from the very first day, it has grown exponentially. The brokerage currently serves clients in more than 150 countries around the world. It emphasizes providing its clients with 24/7 service through phone/live-chat/email support that speaks many languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Chinese among others.

The PrimeOakmont brokerage is an ultra-fast, high-performance that offers fast order execution, reliable market data, and robust connectivity.

PrimeOakmont brokerage supports all major trade types including Market orders, Stop Loss orders, Take Profit orders, stop loss/take profit trailing stop, limit order, and OCO (One cancels the other) orders. The trading platform also supports advanced direct market access features like scale in/out trading strategies, MOC orders (Market on close), IOC (Immediate or Cancel), GTC (Good till canceled).

PrimeOakmont website

Some most highlighted features

Custom Platform Layout

PrimeOakmont’s Customizable Platform Layout allows traders to adjust their trading platform layout to best suit their needs and preferences. This intuitive feature is designed as a simple, customizable way to bring order and structure to your ever-growing list of tools, research, and market information.

Their new customizable platform layout aims to help you cut out the clutter surrounding the most important elements on your screen with an intuitive drag and drop interface allowing for quick and easy customization.

Technical charts

The integrated technical charts and professional trading tools in the PrimeOakmont platform give you everything you need to start making powerful, actionable trades.

The integrated technical charts and professional trading tools in the PrimeOakmont platform give you everything you need to start making powerful, actionable trades.

With 50+ technical indicators at your fingertips, create an integrated analysis system that takes advantage of efficient trade execution capabilities including fully integrated order management functions. Track market indexes with their proprietary Total View index scanner built-in right into the charts using the Scanning Indicator.

Trading the integrated charts is simple with automatic updating, integrated chat functions, and integrated news feeds that can be customized based on your preferences for quick market updates.

The integrated chart platform makes it easy to trade stocks, options, ETFs, and futures on all exchanges. It is time to take control of your trading business with the PrimeOakmont integrated charting system built exclusively for active traders.

Order types

Market Order – An indication to buy or sell a stock at its current price. A market order is an execution of a limit order currently resting in the trading book.

Limit Order – A customer-oriented trade that sets your priority of price and time of execution, giving you control over the price at which the purchase or sale will be executed.

Offline Storage for security

A secure wallet is an essential part of any PrimeOakmont user’s toolbox, regardless of how many coins they own or what handling procedures they follow.

An offline wallet is not connected to the internet after it has been set up. The vast majority of modern-day wallets are ‘online’ meaning that when the digital currency software is running on your computer, you are in reality sending transactions to and receiving them from online peers within the cryptocurrency network. Which are more vulnerable to online threats, which is why PrimeOakmont has created offline storage systems with multiple backups to minimize any threat to their data.

PrimeOakmont security

Fast Executions

Their trading platform enables users to perform ultra-fast executions and ensures that they are the top choice for your high-volume trades. Their state-of-the-art servers allow you to set up limit or stop-limit orders with just a few clicks that will be executed instantly. You can also place market orders at speeds that no other broker will provide.

In addition to providing one of the fastest order executions in their industry, they have been able to minimize slippage on all trades placed by their clients, especially during volatile times.

High-Risk Management

PrimeOakmont’s platform provides instructions for cross-margin trading, and it does full risk checks after every order. This enables you to manage your risks better and be more flexible about your position sizing. Real-time risk management also enables the use of margin tools such as Trailing Stop Orders, which enables you to gain more control over your investments.

High Liquidity provided by PrimeOakmont on all tradeable assets

They are committed to providing their customers with the best liquidity possible on all tradable assets. That’s why they aggregate multiple vendors’ feeds into one easy-to-use interface, so you can get your quotes in seconds and find what matters most – whether it’s an asset or not!

Their feed providers are market-leading firms with top-tier technology, dedicated customer service staff, and stringent regulatory compliance.

Long vs. Short at PrimeOakmont

Long vs. Short, trading is a controversial topic with many people having various levels of knowledge about it. There are many different views on how you should trade, so I am going to explain both sides in this article and explain when you should use which strategy!

You have probably heard the term ‘going long’ being used by traders when they are talking about the future price of an asset. It means that they expect the price to move up (rise). ‘Going short’ is what it sounds like; you are predicting the price will fall/drop in value. The thing to mention is there are risks involved with both strategies.

PrimeOakmont is always there to help you in both long tradings as well as in short trading.


PrimeOakmont aims to comply with all applicable laws and regulations in the provision of its services. They monitor their policies and procedures against anti-money laundering requirements by recognizing regulatory trends, amendments to legislation, and guidance from official sources. As part of these efforts, they have put in place an AML Policy that is designed to empower employees, agents, and other relevant parties. They are expected to act by the Policy at all times.

Their efforts shall ensure that they provide reliable, quality customer service while complying with Anti-Money Laundering Compliance (AML) requirements under applicable laws and regulations.

PrimeOakmont has created its AML policy on the basis of the following points

  • They want to ensure that their clients have a valid proof of identification for them to not only get the job done but also be safe while doing so.
  • They always keep records of their user’s information.
  • They always check the names of their clients against all known and suspected terrorists so that they can ensure that their traders are clear in these aspects.


KYC – Know your customer, or “Customer Identification Program” is a process by which banks and financial organizations confirm the identity of their customers to prevent fraud. Under KYC regulations, PrimeOakmont has implemented several requirements for the official identification of its customers. Failure to provide identification may result in being denied access to POT services or may result in loss of funds held under said accounts.

Please keep in mind that this policy is not limited to just direct customers of PrimeOakmont, but also includes any entity with whom you share login information (i.e., family members or friends). Each customer must submit verification documents, which a broker can never share with anyone.

To ensure their KYC policy, you have to do:

  • You have to submit a valid passport copy to them.
  • You have to submit the pictures of your credit card, which you are going to use for the transactions like depositing funds.
  • A copy of your utility bill, which shows your complete name on it clearly.

Account options

At PrimeOakmont, all account types are welcome and considered for the kind of account you want. Whether it is a non-dealing desk account or one that provides access to shorting, this brokerage makes sure that its customers are satisfied. However, there are options out there that best suit your needs.

  • Mini account

If you are a bit risk-averse, want to try out bitcoin trading, or trade on a small-scale Mini account offers the best option for you. Mini offers margin loans of 25% and offers you 1:200 leverage.

In addition, this type of account offers traders more insight into the market using their toolbox, which is available 24/7. With your account manager, you have direct contact with experienced staff. This offers the opportunity for quick answers to any questions that may arise during trading.

This high level of service comes at a price. The minimum deposit for this account type is 0.3 BTC.

  • Silver account

The Silver account is the perfect offering if you are new to trading or seeking a simple solution to invest in cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit is one BTC. You receive all services of the Silver account with an extra margin loan of 35%.

The minimum deposit is just one BTC for access to their highest leverage offer, giving you investment opportunities not available anywhere else!

Offers you 1:200 leverage, that´s up to 200 times higher than your deposited funds.

Margin loan of 35% that provides flexibility in case prices moves against your position allowing you to maintain it without being liquidated. This service does not require any documentation other than your account verification.

Daily news and market reviews to keep you abreast of the latest happenings in the cryptocurrency world.

Weekly market review, webinars, and live stream for upcoming events and sessions with their analysts covering all important topics on cryptocurrencies.

In-depth research reports, as well as portfolio construction, help you pick out the best instruments to suit your trading style.

Trading alerts on price fluctuations of major cryptocurrencies from some of the top traders on PrimeOakmont’s award-winning social trading platform. Be alerted through push notifications on your mobile device or receive emails directly in your inbox so that you can trade wisely at all times!

  • Gold account

Gold account is the most exclusive account type that will provide you with its premium services. The minimum deposit to open such an account is five BTC.

This account offers you 1:300 leverage and daily news. This can be your chance to take your trading experience to the next level by utilizing their premium services aimed at high-net-worth individuals. Their margin loan of 50% allows you to trade more than double the amount of money than what is on your account so if you do not feel like using it, don’t! You can also benefit from using their offers, bonuses, and discounts when trading CFDs on Forex, cryptocurrencies, metals, and energies markets via their platform.

You will receive weekly market reviews where all the major happenings in the financial industry are summed up for your convenience.

This account type offers you multiple trading tools and education to help you become a better trader and reach your personal goals no matter what they might be.

You will also get access to webinars and live streams so that you can stay up-to-date with all the latest news and updates.

On top of all this, they offer their clients analyst sessions where professional financial analysts will share their knowledge with you to help improve your skills when doing business on international markets.

All this is made possible by their dedicated team, which is always available for you 24/5! This means that you will never have to wait for hours until someone gets back to your requests because they will be handled as soon as humanly possible.

  • VIP account

The VIP account offers you higher leverage, a personal chief broker, and additional services. They offer a margin loan of 100% and 1:400 leverage.

In addition, customers have access to a personal chief advisor who is always accessible by phone or e-mail to provide advice on investments and help in case of problems. In addition, this offer includes a wealth manager who will guide your portfolio with his knowledge and experience through difficult times and ensure that you benefit from the ongoing developments.

Flexible trading

PrimeOakmont is a cryptocurrency trading broker that has started to gain ground because of its user-friendly interface. If you are looking for an easy-to-use platform, they are the perfect option for you. Additionally, PrimeOakmont is known for executing fast trades. Whether it’s 24 hours or 30 minutes, this firm can execute the trade at the right price so that you do not lose any moneymaking transactions on your own.

Finally, their live charts give you all of the information that you need to plan your investment strategies. Everything from the volume, highs/lows, and relevant patterns will be available so that no mistakes are made when it comes time to place orders on the market.

They offer live chat and email support as well as a user-friendly website interface that allows you to find the information that you need quickly and easily.

Their customer service is top-notch as their live chat is available 24/7, 365 days out of the year. They also have an e-mail address for those who prefer this method of communication. Their user-friendly site makes it easy for anyone to use them and they pride themselves on having quick trade execution times that allow investors to buy or sell at the right time without paying too much in fees.


PrimeOakmont has a simple sign-up process, an easy-to-use interface, and low fees. Their team is quick to respond on social media and by email with helpful support. The broker also offers several educational resources, including webinars and learning modules that cover a broad range of topics from trading strategies to financial planning. Overall, however, PrimeOakmont is a strong choice for new and experienced traders alike.

Surely, PrimeOakmont has quickly become one of the best platforms on the market. With its advanced technology and impressive capabilities, it will make your trading experience much easier, you will always be aware of movements in prices.

This brokerage is not something that should only attract experienced traders who are well known to this business; people with different backgrounds will find it very useful. Even if you have never traded before, it will be much easier to understand once you use this brokerage.

You can always take your time to study the market and learn how to trade well, but if you do not want that, you just have this tool at hand. Sure, it might cost a little to use a brokerage like this, but you will enjoy all the benefits of trading and other tools that it can offer.

Anyone who has been in this trading for some time knows how important it is to have a good brokerage at hand, as this brokerage can make your work easier.