Trodl (TRO) Expected to Hit a High of $0.3926 or a Low of $0.002303

Trodl (TRO) has reportedly made its place in the crypto-verse as one of the highest rallied cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours. On February 21, Trodl’s value was only exhibiting a unit price of $0.0002204 per TRO, a very low price compared to the current one. At the time of publication, the unit price of Trodl is $0.007019, which is significant growth for Trodl.

The data suggests that the bulls had to form a 1082.68% in the past 24-hours to bring Trodl to the high value of $0.007019 per TRO. The rally has also resulted in elevating the trading volume at a gigantic rate of 245539.32%, bringing the figure to $235,019.

Although Trodl has hit a high figure, the analysts expect that a price correction is due for Trodl. This means that the investors may soon witness a drop in Trodl’s value. The drop may bring Trodl down to its psychological value, where it may end up settling.

However, the RSI and the moving averages for Trodl advise that its rally may continue for a longer period of time. The RSI for Trodl is currently at 81.65, which means that it is moving very high within the positive territory.

This will have the spirits of the investors really high and it would allow the bulls to launch another major rally to push Trodl higher than $0.007019.

The bulls may keep adding more investment for Trodl, which would succeed in pushing it up to $0.04501 per TRO. This would be a strong resistance area where the bears may try and demonstrate their true power to scare off the investors.

If the investors stay put, it would grant more power to the bulls, who will be able to push Trodl higher. The next goal for the bulls with high support from the bears would be to hit $0.1668 per TRO.

Once again, the bulls will need to prove themselves by sustaining the pressure from the bears at the $0.1668 mark. It is also expected to be the second resistance zone for TRO by the bears. If bears are unable to hold down the bulls, then Trodl may surge again to hit $0.3926 per TRO.

On the contrary, the bears may start selling Trodl at a high rate at $0.04501 to pull Trodl lower. For the bears, the first attempt would be to bring Trodl lower to $0.003509 per TRO.

As the bulls are currently strong, they may try to fight the bears, but if the bears sustain the force exerted by the bulls, another price dip would be in order.

In this particular case, the bears may try and pull Trodl lower to $0.002632 and then to $0.002303.