Price Analysis of Space Crypto (SPE), UMA (UMA), and Crypto Fight Club (FIGHT)

In the past 24-hours, cryptocurrencies such as Space Crypto, UMA, and Crypto Fight Club have exhibited huge gains. Due to such high gains, the values of these cryptocurrencies have observed significant increases. The analysts have reportedly shared their predictions about these cryptocurrencies stating where the market observers would observe them in near future.

Space Crypto – 150.26% Rally

Space Crypto (SPE) has witnessed a 150.26% surge in its value in the past 24-hours. At the time of publication, Space Crypto’s value is at $0.2967 per SPE and its trading volume has also surged by 642.85%.

By increasing the demand for Space Crypto, the bulls have made it quite clear to the bears that they won’t let them run the show. The bulls are currently eyeing the moving averages as well as the RSI for Space Crypto within the positive territory.

To make it happen, the bulls will increase their buying power even more, eventually pushing Space Crypto up to $0.5196 per SPE. Even if the bears attack the current positive trend with high selling power, the bulls may contain the situation by buying the dip.

This would further increase the value of Space Crypto and push it all the way up to $0.7148 per SPE. As the RSI and moving averages bring in oscillators to the positive, Space Crypto’s price may grow up to $0.9833 per SPE.

UMA – 106.41% Rally

UMA (UMA) is also moving in the bullish zone because the value of $10.29 per UMA it is exhibiting is following a 06.41% rally. UMA is also observing a high trend and the oscillators, alongside the RSI/moving averages are supporting the bulls.

Therefore, if the bulls want to carry on with the rally, they may not face much resistance from the bears. This would help UMA gain more value and demand in the marking by moving it up to $15.76 per UMA.

There are chances that the bears may try and trigger a selling spree. However, if the bulls keep buying every dip created by the bears, then UMA may grow up to $19.96 per UMA.

The bulls may be able to achieve another high rank in terms of its value if they remain persistent. In this particular case, the price of UMA may grow up to the third resistance benchmark of $22.61 per UMA.

Crypto Fight Club – 92.68% Rally

Crypto Fight Club (FIGHT) has also observed its value elevated by 92.68%. In a 24-h window, Crypto Fight Club’s value has traveled from a low of $0.01495 per FIGHT to a high of $0.02915 per FIGHT.

According to the value prediction of Crypto Fight Club, it may grow up to $0.04265 if the bears keep getting pushed out by the bulls. Going forward, the value of Crypto Fight Club may soar to $0.05254 per FIGHT from even higher support from the bulls.