Price Analysis of Operon Origins, TE-FOOD, BoleToken, and DnDMetaverse

Operon Origins (ORO) had observed a unit price of $0.04242 on February 26, and it was a low value for the digital asset. The bears were attempting to push Operon Origins’ value even lower but the bulls demonstrated their true potential to change the market perception.

With their strong buying ability at the lower levels, they continued buying the dip and finally achieved a 63.61% rally. This has helped bulls achieve a higher value for Operon Origins, which currently stands at $0.06972 per ORO.

According to the analysis data for Operon Origins, the bulls may attempt to move the RSI more into the positive territory. The positive sentiments of the investors may help them achieve a higher value.

Even now, the rally for Operon Origins is being observed and if the bulls keep it up, then they may manage to hit and cross the $0.09189 per ORO price. Going forward, the bulls may try and push the ORO/USDT pair over the $0.1065 per ORO figure.

TE-FOOD (TONE) is also supported by the bulls who have achieved a 57.95% rally, bringing its unit price to $0.02539 per TONE. The bulls may go for higher runs with the aim of pushing the RSI higher into the bullish zone.

If things go as predicted, then TE-FOOD’s value may grow up to $0.04010 versus the USDT. The bears may try and oppose the bulls with strong resistance to pull TE-FOOD to a lower figure. However, if the bulls overcome the pressure and resistance from the bears, they may succeed in elevating their price.

In near future, the strong input and contribution of the bulls are expected to push TE-FOOD up to $0.05172. The bulls may attempt to push again with their buying power to increase the value of TE-FOOD up to $0.05922 per TONE.

BoleToken (BOLE) is observing a 23.19% rally that has helped push its price to a high of $0.00007501. A day back, the BOLE/USDT pair was trading at $0.00005898, and the strong buying power of bulls has pushed it to its current value.

As BOLE has hit $0.00007501, the bulls may attempt to push it over $0.00009240 per BOLE. As the rally remains constant and the investors keep joining the bulls, then BoleToken may hit a trading value of $0.0001031.

DnDMetaverse (DNDB) bulls have also displayed strong buying power to form a 50.48% rally. The rally formed by the DnDMetaverse bulls has aided it in achieving a trading price of $0.04154 per DNDB.

If the bulls keep taking the bears bluntly, then DnDMetaverse may rise up to $0.06250 per DNDB. If bulls attempt to go for a higher push, they may manage to hit another overhead resistance mark of $0.07828 per DNDB.