Price Analysis of Starname (IOV) and Geist Finance (GEIST)

Starname (IOV) has emerged as one of the most demanded and highly popular cryptocurrencies in the past 24-hours, having observed a 57.47% rally. At present, Starname is trading at a unit price of 0.07453 versus USDT. It was a week back when the price of Starname was exhibiting a unit price of $0.04509 per IOV. By March 1, Starname’s value had only moved up to $0.04884 per IOV.

After struggling against the bears for a long time below $0.04900 per IOV, the bulls have finally stolen the show by pushing Starname’s value to $0.06871 per IOV. The growth rate observed for Starname’s trading volume in the past 24-hours is 462.82%. As of now, the volume for Starname is at $201,867.

Growth Forecast for Starname

Due to the 24h rally, the situation for Starname has changed significantly. The bulls forming a strong rally, the investors siding with the bulls, and the RSI moving in the positive territory, have made things very promising for the bulls.

With all factors going in favor of the bulls, they have enough confidence to push Starname’s price up to $0.08845 per IOV. Going forward, the bulls may look forward to pushing Starname to the second resistance mark.

In order to achieve the second resistance, the bulls will proceed with higher accumulations of Starname. This would eventually push the price of Starname up to $0.1011 per IOV.

If the bulls demonstrate high enthusiasm for the acquisition of Starname, it would also boost the morale of the investors. This would eventually result in pushing the value of Starname to the third strong resistance mark ($0.1157).

Geist Finance’s High Performance

Geist Finance (GEIST) has also observed positive growth in the past 24-hours, which is in the form of a 51.57% rally. At the time of writing, the unit price of Geist Finance is $0.3559 per GEIST.

The trading volume for Geist Finance has also experienced a surge, having pushed up by 500.58%. The push has brought the trading volume for Geist Finance up to $9,042,530.

The sentiments of the investors are constantly growing in the positive region. This means that the investors would continue going in favor of the bulls to push its price higher. If the bulls prove their strength in terms of high accumulation, then the price of Geist Finance may rise to $0.4476 per GEIST.

If the investors stick with the bulls, they will not disappoint them at all, as their goal would be to push Geist Finance higher into the positive zone. As the RSI starts moving gradually into the positive zone, the price of Geist Finance may grow up to $0.5631 per GEIST.