Price Analysis of Pudgy Pups Club (PUPS) and Talent Token (TTX)

In the crypto-sector, there are many cryptocurrencies observing high growth, but Pudgy Pups Club and Talent Token seem to have stolen the spotlight. These cryptocurrencies have observed above-average growth in the past 24-hours and therefore, their analysis data has been collected through TradingView.

Value of Pudgy Pups Club Grows by 278.30%

The price analysis data coming in from TradingView has shared promising results in regards to the performance of Pudgy Pups Club. The value for Pudgy Pups Club has reportedly been topped by 278.30% in the past 24-hours. It is because of the high investment efforts of the bulls that Pudgy Pups Club has reached this level in such a short amount of time.

At the time of publication, Pudgy Pups Club’s value is at $0.000000001478 per PUPS, which was at a low of $0.00000000039 when it launched. This is a huge victory for the bulls so far as they haven’t let the bears run the show from their end.

If the bulls are able to keep it up and they keep increasing their buying power, they may succeed in pushing Pudgy Pups Club to $0.000000003534.

As the situation for Pudgy Pups Club has started becoming brighter, it is only a matter of time before the RSI and moving averages would also start supporting the trend.

This would further strengthen the position of Pudgy Pups Club among the investors and grant it the opportunity to hit $0.000000005994.

With more momentum building up in favor of Pudgy Pups Club and more investors adding their power, Pudgy Pups Club would grow up to newer heights. For now, the top price the bulls seem to be aiming for is $0.000000008079 per PUPS.

Value of Talent Token Grows by 231.04%

Talen Token (TTX) is also growing higher in terms of its value as the growth it has achieved so far is 231.04%. The growth rate has helped push the unit price of Talent Token to $0.003236 per TTX. If the bulls keep exerting more buying pressure against the bears, then the bears will have no choice but to back out.

Initially, the bears may try and demonstrate their selling power to resist the bulls at $0.006974 per TTX. However, if the bulls keep applying the same buying energy as they have done already, then bears won’t stand a chance against them.

Based on the buying power of the bulls, the value of Talent Token may grow up to $0.01100 per TTX. With more investors joining the cause, the bulls may gain confidence and feel determined to push harder. In the particular scenario, the bulls may push the RSI and moving averages to their favor, and get a lot of help to push Talent Token to $0.01418.