Price Analysis of Croonos (CRO) and Cosmos (ATOM)

In today’s cryptocurrency market, the majority of the cryptocurrencies have been observing a downtrend. However Croonos (CRO) and Cosmos (ATOM) have caught the attention of many as they have proven to be cryptocurrencies with really high potential.

Therefore, cryptocurrency observers have been paying close attention to these cryptocurrencies. So far, several on-chain data analyzing firms have made predictions about these cryptocurrencies, showing where these cryptocurrencies would land in near future.

Croonos (CRO)

Croonos (CRO) has lost around 3.01% of its value in the past 24-hours, and its past 7-day performance has been terrible. The past 7-day performance shows CRO has observed an 8.15% plummet.

In the past 7-days, the price of Cronos has continued moving in the downstream channel. The bears have been selling Croonos on a higher scale which has caused huge damage to its value.

On February 28, the CRO/USDT pair traded at $0.4457 per CRO, while the trading volume recorded for the particular day was $139,479,525. Then there was the market valuation of Croonos which stood at $11,084,598,821.

As of now, the value of Croonos is at $0.3884 per CRO, and the trading volume for Croonos is at $76,015,489. Even the valuation of Croonos is now at $9,681,772,051.

The RSI for Croonos is also descending and at the moment, it is at 41.21. This goes to suggest that the price of Croonos may plummet to 0.3573 per CRO. The bears may continue exerting high selling pressure over the bulls, which would lower Croonos’ price even more.

According to analysis for Croonos, its price may dip to another low price of $0.3287 per CRO. The bears may attempt to increase the negative sentiments of investors. This would eventually work out in favor of the bears, who are eager to push Croonos’ price lower to $0.3024 per CRO.

Cosmos (ATOM)

In the past 7-days, the situation for Cosmos (ATOM) has become quite uncertain for the observers. Cosmos has reportedly plummeted by 3.14% in the past 7-days, and 0.34% in the past 24-hours.

The beginning of March saw Cosmos at a high price of $34.30 per ATOM, but at present, its price is at a low of $28.84 per ATOM. Even the market valuation and the trading volume for Cosmos have ended up dipping following the plummet.

The RSI is also falling into the negative territory and Cosmos has been observing a downtrend due to strong selling sentiments of the investors. In the upcoming days, the value for Cosmos may end up dipping to $25.95 per ATOM.

Going forward, the bears may increase their selling power in order to create another major dip in the price of Cosmos. This would result in pushing the price of Cosmos down to $23.36 per ATOM.