Price Analysis of MetaversePRO (META) and DAO Invest (VEST)

It may come as a promising update for the cryptocurrency investment community interested in MetaversePRO (META) and DAO Invest (VEST) that these cryptocurrencies are performing really well. The last 24-hours have pushed the value of the couple to higher levels and they are currently among the high gainers. The price analysis carried out for both cryptocurrencies shows where they would land in the upcoming days.

MetaversePRO (META) Price Analysis

As of now, the trading price of the META/USDT pair is at $5.88 per META. The buyers had to apply a lot of buying force in order to bring MetaversePRO to its current value. MetaversePRO’s trading value was reportedly at a low of $3.43 in the middle of last week.

The bulls struggled really hard against the bears to create enough power, which would aid them in pushing over the $3.50 per META mark.

Finally, the bulls were able to gather enough power in their corner that they were able to form a 91.01% rally. The rally resulted in pushing MetaversePRO to its current price, and it is not the peak price MetaversePRO has achieved.

The technical factors such as the RSI and the moving averages are currently in the negatives. The RSI is currently at 45.1 while the moving averages are leaning towards “sell” sentiments.

However, if the bulls keep pushing harder, they may succeed in steering the technical factors to their side. This way, the price of MetaversePRO may continue to grow higher. If the bulls succeed against the high selling pressure of the bears, then MetaversePRO may start moving on the resistance channel.

MetaversePRO’s trend being on the resistance line would mean it is set to grow much higher in value. The first resistance benchmark for the bulls would be $8.55 per META. If the bulls keep deflecting the attacks of the bears via strong sales of MetaversePRO, they may achieve another resistance milestone ($10.50).

Going forward, the bulls may increase their buying potential and reach all the way up to the major resistance benchmark of $11.69 per META.

DAO Invest (VEST) Price Analysis

DAO Invest is also contesting against cryptocurrencies demonstrating high gains with a strong (204.25%) rally. The recorded rally for DAO Invest has proven to be a game-changer for DAO Invest, as it may continue for some time. This would eventually help DAO Invest achieve newer prices than it is already observing at $0.000002161 per VEST.

If the bulls keep going for higher gains for DAO Invest, then the price of DAO Invest may grow up to $0.000004368. As the momentum grows stronger in favor of the bullish trend, the price of DAO Invest may also grow up to $0.000006598 per VEST.