Crypto And Gender Equality

The global and distributed business nature of cryptocurrency should be providing much more opportunities for a maximum different grouping of people.

The boys club repute of Cryptocurrency is not a surprise, as it is very much a legacy of bro culture that classifies Wall Street and Silicon Valley. It is Citigroup bank that appointed its first female CEO Jane Fraser in 2020 which was considered as a milestone in the 200-year history of Wall Street, with the first woman leader of the largest bank on Wall Street.

Although, sexual harassment cases are widespread all over established tech companies as observed in the Riot Games case, for instance, where it has been implicit women don’t belong simply.

Only four years back, the 2018 North American Bitcoin Conference climaxed in an infamous networking incident that took place at a Miami strip club. The organizers of the event although later regretted the choice of their venue, in the history of crypto the story is one of the many incidents which is decreasing the women’s role in the crypto industry.

The approach of crypto’s inclination toward men requires reformation, and the business plan for this is apparent. The ecosystem for crypto which is inclusive will not only reach a wider audience but also support crypto becoming mainstream. Whilst among women there is no shortage of talent or interest in crypto, most of the influencers and crypto traders communicate to the male audience only because the influencers are also men.

2021 worlds list of top 50 Crypto Head features an all-male group, which is a sign of serious gender low representation due to the complete nonexistence of women in the industry.

Women are still suffering from the male-dominant legacy of the finance ecosystem, either its existing hurdles to personal finance or in climbing the levels of the corporate business. All 12 crypto-leading people are men on the 2021 Forbes Billionaires list. Formerly blockchain program lead at JP Morgan Chase Amber Baldet thinks that women are not recognized for their work publicly due to biased media coverage, which is the reason why projects led by the female are supported less across the board. In reality, the crypto industry is still in the developing stage, so everywhere processes are new which includes HR and lack of diversification decreases the best workplace policies which could support women.