Price Analysis of CryptoJukebox (JUKE) and CheckDot (CDT)

From the beginning of March, the buyers struggled to keep their heads high against the bears by increasing the value of CryptoJukebox (JUKE). To achieve their goal, the bulls kept purchasing CryptoJukebox to elevate its price rapidly.

However, the strong buying efforts of the bulls were met by the bears with strong selling sentiments. This resulted in keeping the price of CryptoJukebox to a low figure, where the lowest figure CryptoJukebox observed was $0.00005353 per JUKE.

After constant back and forth struggles between the bears and the bulls, the latter has gained superiority. They have managed to push the buying efforts so much that they have formed a 161.45% rally, which has elevated CryptoJukebox’s value to $0.0001499 per JUKE.

The trading volume for CryptoJukebox has also been pushed up to a high volume ($574,155). The analysis shows that the volume has been pushed by 2308.7% in the past 24-hours.

Technical Factors Point towards a Bullish Drive

At the moment, the technical factors are strongly leaning towards the bullish trend. As of now, 15 out of every 26 investors are aiming for acquisitions of CryptoJukebox, while 5 investors are aiming to sell them. The rest of the investors have decided not to take any action and monitor the mark until things become more favorable.

The relative support index is set to move in favor of the bulls very soon as it is constantly growing in size and is exhibiting a value of 49.87. Soon, the RSI for CryptoJukebox may travel within the positive territory, significantly pushing its price in the upward direction.

Elevation of CryptoJukebox Up to Third Strong Resistance Milestone

According to the analysis data, CryptoJukebox is constantly moving in the upward direction, becoming more adaptable for investors. The constant rise in the trading volume is also a strong sign for the bullish run for CryptoJukebox.

With all the factors working in favor of the bulls and more investors growing positive sentiments, the price of CryptoJukebox may rise to $0.0002709 per JUKE. As the investors keep increasing their buying power, the price of CryptoJukebox may continue surging. Over time, the value of CryptoJukebox may grow up to $0.0003802. With more buying power coming in from the bulls’ end, the price of CryptoJukebox may grow up to $0.0004570.

CheckDot (CDT) Grows by 100.81%

CheckDot (CDT) has also reportedly grown up by 100.81% in the past 24-hours. The strong push comes from the strong positive sentiments of the bulls. These bulls have rallied to push CheckDot to $0.05477 per CDT, which may rise to $0.08237 per CDT in near future.

With the passage of time, the bulls may start taking more advantage of the high trend of CheckDot and increase its acquisition power to bring it up to $0.1161 per JUKE.