Cardano Smart Contracts Launch Reveals Some Sticky Challenges For The Platform

The blockchain of Cardano (ADA) has done numerous developments for initiating smart contracts facilities. The platform of smart contracts, having more than 5 years, announced the launch of Alonzo testnet during August, is continuously working to achieve its goals. Nonetheless, the release of applications regarding smart contracts on the platform’s testnet has unveiled some serious problems due to which the platform has been facing constant criticism.

The earliest application for decentralized finance called MinSwap, which was launched on the platform’s testnet, entangled into a lot of austere scaling problems because of which the developers at the bank announced that they would temporarily terminate it for clearing the issues. The results have disclosed some anxieties regarding smart contracts’ operation on Cardano. The root of the issue has been shortened to specifically pick it out. It was detected that the cause of the issue was originated from the platform’s utilization of the eUTXO protocol for the implementation of smart contracts.

Cardano pursued to conglomerate the UTXO model of Bitcoin with Ethereum’s competence to tackle the smart contracts within a EUTXO (Extended-UTXO) accounting model. The ledger model of Cardano broadens the model of UTXO for assisting smart contracts and multi-assets without making any compromise on the fundamental benefits provided by a UTXO model. eUTXO (extended-unspent-transaction-output) is a unique solution incorporated through joining the elements of protocols utilized by Ethereum and Bitcoin. Nevertheless, the objections have focused on the inability of the model to assist concurrency (the capability to develop an interaction between various agents via a smart contract simultaneously.

In advance, many developers of DEX exchange are planning to release on the blockchain Cardano saying that adequate solutions have been provided to the faced problems however they did not mention what those solutions were. This is the point where various advocates defend Cardano contrasting its critics. Weiss Crypto (a crypto firm) has also voiced this matter and said that no scalability problems are present in the smart contracts of the Cardano platform.

These promoters are of the view that the stances against the platform are cynical, disingenuous, and naïve statements. The reason behind this is that every unique product and service is sure to face certain challenges however the industry is still struggling for moving ahead. For instance, it elaborated, it took years for Ethereum to get to a position where it can comprehend its issues and resolve them in a better way.