UK Financial Watchdog Points the Finger at Kim Kardashian As She Pushes A Risky Cryptocurrency Token

The financial watchdog of the United Kingdom has alleged Kim Kardashian saying that she was involved in promoting a digital token that might be risky for the investors. The chairman at the U.K.’s FCA (Financial-Conduct-Authority) and PSR (Payment-Systems-Regulator), Charles Randell, has identified Kim Kardashian during a severe warning regarding crypto scams. In his discussion on Monday conducted at the Cambridge-International-Symposium-on-Economic-Crime, Randell specified the hazards for which the regulation of tokens is made along with the security that it provides to the people preventing them from scams and frauds involved in investment.

Randell affirmed that there are a lot of stories telling how people have lost their savings after being tempted into the fake crypto schemes hoping to get rich quickly and such promotions sometimes include their favorite personalities all set to deceive their fans’ expectations just for being paid.

Kardashian’s crypto promotion

The chairman of the FCA stated that Kardashian might have been paid for doing the crypto promotion as she can broadcast the promotion to a large-scale audience that counts up to 250M Instagram followers. The chairman further revealed that such risky situations could be handled if the internet websites are willing to guide the scams and frauds to prevent their consumers from them. He focused that the department will collaborate with these online platforms for protecting their business as well as their customers, and the institutions which would not participate in it would be considered discouraging their clients’ confidence.

Randell alleges Kardashian

Moving onward, Randell changed the manner of his speech and straightforwardly started to talk about Kim Kardashian’s crypto promotion on Instagram. He explained that she recently got paid for pushing her 250 million followers on the social-media platform toward entering the Ethereum-Max-Community to gamble on crypto tokens. The celebrity posted a story regarding EthereumMax on her timeline of Instagram. Even though the regulations forced Kardashian to announce her as being an advertisement, Randell claimed, she did not even consider clarifying the Ethereum Max’s disambiguation with the original Ethereum as the former was a digital token of a speculative category and it was developed just a month ago by anonymous developers.

He concluded by stating that crypto scammers are regularly paying social-media influencers for promoting them and people, despite being cautious, get entangle in such frauds out of FOMO (fear-of-missing-out).