Bybit Review – A Recommended Cryptocurrency Exchange

Bybit Exchange Rating
  • 92%
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Bybit is a recommended exchange for cryptocurrency trading, the exchange offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full Bybit review to learn more about Bybit.

Bybit Review

Bybit logoCreated in March 2018, Bybit is one of the fastest-growing exchanges of cryptocurrency derivatives. Based on customer-centric ideals, this cryptocurrency exchange aims at providing retailers and business customers worldwide with a professional, intelligent, intuitive, and creative business experience. Bybit is devoted to establishing a fair, transparent, and effective business environment and offers customer service 24 hours a day in multi-lingual ways to provide prompt help. Read this detailed Bybit review which will help you choose your exchange.

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Mobile Support

This platform is available not just for desktop computers but also for Android and Apple mobile phones. The majority of cryptocurrency traders now conduct their transactions on a desktop computer (around 70 percent or so).

However, there will always be some who prefer to do things from their smartphone. If you are one of those folks, our platform may still be a good fit for you because it includes a native mobile application (unlike e.g., BitMEX).

Leveraged Trading

As previously said, Bybit allows you to trade with leverage. This implies that you can have greater exposure to a certain cryptocurrency’s price growth or fall without actually possessing the required quantity of assets. This is accomplished by “leveraging” your transaction. In layman’s terms, this implies that you borrow money from the exchange in order to gamble more. On this platform, you can obtain up to 100x leverage.

However, the more your leverage, the closer you are to your liquidation price. This means that if the price of BTC swings in the other way (down in this example), you just need to lose a very tiny fraction of your initial investment of $100 USD.

Trading Platform

Every exchange has a different trading interface. And no, “this is the greatest summary.” You should choose for yourself which trade view is right for you. The shared points of view are that they all display the order book or at least part of the order book, the pricing chart, and the order history of the chosen cryptocurrency.

They usually have also bought and sold boxes. Before selecting an exchange, consider looking at the trade perspective to make sure it feels correct.

Fees Levied

Each trade happens among both parties: one manufacturer, whose order is in the book of the order before the trade, and the one making the order that corresponds to (or “takes”) the order of the manufacturer. For “makers,” we call manufacturers as orders in a market do liquidity. It is Takers who “take” the liquidity with their own orders. By matching them with their own. Bybit has two trading types: contracts and spot trading. Contract trading functionality is without question the focus.

In Bybit, customers are charged 0.075% for trading contracts for each order. The charge for the manufacturers is -0.025%. This means that every manufacturer is rewarded for trading. To explain, you are the manufacturer in a buy order of USD 1,000 in bitcoin. You will only be required to pay USD 997.50 in place of paying USD 1.000. This is certainly a very competitive feature.

Trading fees for spot takeaways are 0.10 percent, whereas trading expenses for producers are 0.00 percent (free!). This is lower than the global industry average (0.215 percent and 0.162 percent, according to the same report).

If you remove BTC from the Bybit trading platform, you must pay BTC 0.0005 for each BTC withdrawal. It is less than the current global average of BTC withdrawals, which is 0.00059 BTC.


Fiat money deposits are not accepted in Bybit. This indicates that no commercial potential exists for new investors (those who never had a cryptocurrency before). To acquire your first digital currency, you must utilize an entry-level exchange that accepts deposits in fiat money. Bybit, like most other exchanges that allow leveraged trading, offers a referral program. The referral program awards a USD 10 incentive to each user who refers a customer who has deposited at least 0.02 BTC. This isn’t the most generous referral scheme we’ve come across. But it’s better than nothing, right?