Snoop Dogg Releases A Non-Fungible Token

The legend in the industry of rap music, Snoop Dogg, partnered with an artist interested in crypto art and blockchain (Coldie) to issue another NFT (non-fungible token). The name of the token is Decentral Eyes Portrait Series. SuperRare (a marketplace of NFTs) was utilized to mint the respective NFT.

Snoop Dogg and the Decentral Eyes

Snoop Dogg (Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr.) has been keenly interested in the industry of cryptocurrency for a long time. Previously this year, the artist was also witnessed in those who like Elon Musk for his support regarding Dogecoin (the most prominent meme-based crypto token). On 20th April, the star of rap mentioned that the community should celebrate that date as DogeDay. Considering Snoop Dogg’s appreciation and love for Cannabis, he specifically selected this day as it is known to be the marijuana smokers’ unofficial holiday.

In a recent tweet thereof, Coldie (the artist for cryptocurrency) disclosed that the worldwide rap star has doubled the crypto endeavors thereof additionally. Both the persons collaborated and released the Decentral Eyes Portrait Series (a collection of NFTs). Snoop Dogg’s 10 distinctive images (depicting diverse on-stage moments of the artist) have been collected to make a 3D medley. Moreover, the rapper recorded unique audio combined with NFT to mark the artwork with his signature.

The respective token was produced on SuperRare (the marketplace of NFTs) and 3rd December will be the date until when it can be purchased. Till yet, the highest bid thereof stood near 169 ETH ($750,000). Snoop Dogg acknowledged that he had been inspired by NFTs to reconsider the method by which he presents the art thereof. He particularly appreciated Coldie to be the adequate partner for the respective initiative. Furthermore, he recommends the respective artwork to stand for his metaverse vision.

The NFT called ‘Nyan Dogg’

The rapper of nearly 50 has stepped into the field of NFTs this April. At that time, he and the manufacturer of Nyan Cat meme partnered to create Nyan Dogg (an NFT). The product grasped the attention of the crypto investors to a great extent and it was sold for up to $30,000 (nearly 14.2 ETH) on the marketplace named OpenSea. 20 April was the date when the product was released. The collaborators also issued artworks called Nyan Blunt and Hazy Nyan.