DeFi Protocol Panther Raises More Than $22M

Panther Protocol is reported to have accomplished the Public Sale thereof, which took less than 90 minutes for gathering up to $22 million. The awe-inspiring support from the enthusiasts and investors signifies that there is a requirement for interoperability as well as privacy in the vast Web3 ecosystem as well as the decentralized finance.

Acquiring interoperability across the space of decentralized finance as well as Web3 atmospheres requires the latest infrastructure. SDKs and APIs would be provided by Panther Protocol to assist the developers in achieving the default privacy. In this respect, a privacy-focused method can be obtained straight without elaborated knowledge regarding the privacy technology of cryptography.

The panther protocol’s public sale endorses that generally there is an excitement around the DeFi space regarding privacy solutions. Financial information can publicly be accessible through a blockchain, turning it into a commercial product that may go into the wrong hands. Via the end-to-end privacy solution, Panther Protocol targets to modify that scenario.

Raising to $22M in less than 90 minutes points shows that several people comprehend merit in the respective approach. Oliver Gale, the co-founder, and CEO of Panther Protocol remarked that the current collection (being a part of the public sale) suggests an overarching need for compliance compatible, interoperable privacy protocol.

He added that they are thrilled for the overpowering interest of investors in their program and they are hopeful that this marks the mission of Panther by increasing privacy and freedom for Web3 and DeFi. While the industry of DeFi is consistently growing in all dimensions, now is the time for the provision of infrastructure to elevate the respective segment to another level.

Privacy-by-default throughout the public blockchains counts to be the fundamental step in the respective procedure. Additionally, the approach of Panther attains interoperability among NEAR, Polygon, Flare, Songbird, Elrond, and Ethereum, by giving rise to Web3 in a way unlike before.

Anish Mohammad, the co-founder of Panther Protocol, commented that as parallel to the light’s duality, privacy is dual-natured, and presently they are at the point of history where they can just manage to reconcile the duality of privacy’s nature. Panther protocol remained successful in permitting both authenticities as well as privacy, by interlinking zero-knowledge proof structures along with selective disclosures. The funds gathered at the time of Public Sale permit Panther to allure additional team members during the next months.