Prolonged 2010 Bitcoiners Have Made Profits Worth $690K Over The Last Decade

With Bitcoin crossing a Trillion Dollars in value and stomping many major tech finance companies like Mastercard, many Bitcoin investors are now moving to cash out their huge profits to take advantage of the recent value boom. It is said that these Bitcoin investors have made a ton more out of their investment into crypto as compared to investors who stored cash into non-crypto based companies.

The last decade has been a sweet candy for all Bitcoin investors because of the massive gain in popularity of cryptocurrency and a substantial increase in value. There is no doubt that more and more companies will adopt to use cryptocurrency as a payment method to seek more buyers for maximum profits.

Bitcoin Moving Closer To A Podium Position

According to long-time Bitcoiner Anthony Pompliano, Bitcoin has generated a whopping $712,500 in investment returns, completely wiping out the previous records from past ventures, even beating financial giants like Uber in value. He also stated that many Bitcoin and crypto companies would surpass traditional financial institutions in the coming future, landing blows on the Wall Street titans, warning them to watch themselves as they might get stomped by open-source software.

Electric car giant Tesla’s recent investment into Bitcoin is proving to catch a lot of attention around the world as companies are eyeing this move to create a possibility for them to include the massive cryptocurrency as a stable payment method into their systems as well. Bitcoin seems to be the leading asset to consider when it comes to the integration of the currency into business frameworks.

It’s Still Not That Easy

Even having this massive success, penetrating the already established stable market is not an easy task. There are many hurdles that will need to be dealt with in order to gain successful benefits. Strong, convincing power and market stability is a critical requirement for gaining the trust of many governments and establishments.

For now, things are looking good for Bitcoin on the west side, but not so much on the east side. Population giant India has still not lifted the ban on the mining of cryptocurrency, which hinders the performance of the crypto, stopping it from running at full potential.