M31 Capital Intends To Roll Out A New Bitcoin Hedge Fund

The M31 Capital is providing investors with a new scheme of Bitcoin Access fund for the raise in the investment of BTC.

The M31 Capital, a global investment firm, has claimed to provide yet another avenue for investors to invest in BTC. They have recently signed a new contract with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission to launch a new Bitcoin hedge fund.

They have declined to disclose detailed information on the fund’s structure, but according to the published information, the minimum investment limit is $10,000. The proposed hedge fund, according to the Form D filing, will be a limited partnership entirely based in Delaware.

M31 has its reputation set as an investment company and claims to have deep-rooted brokerage relations with an exclusive focus on crypto assets and blockchain technology. It works by serving and building new business chains along with the opportunities in the emerging blockchain ecosystem. M31 capital portfolio includes companies with active networking like Ethereum, Maker, and many more.

The hedge funds have been a reliable source for many investors to invest through the knowledge and vision of team analysts and to guide the money in the right direction. Currently, crypto hedge funds have assets of $2 million which is doubled since last year, and still, it is a tiny fraction of the digital market of assets.

The Bitcoin hedge fund by M31 has allowed investors from all across the world to invest in BTC with a charging fee of 0.75 per cent for management. This contract has raised the bar, as Bill Miller’s and Arrano Capital have planned to launch funds with an investment rate of 15 per cent with a worth of $400 million and $100 million in a year, respectively.

The M31 Capital Bitcoin fund has once again maintained its reputation and has designed a low fee exposure to bitcoin BTC. For individuals and investors of all sorts, it claims to provide security and an immediate source of bitcoins without the trouble of high fee or manual trade execution while also giving the advantage of subscription and redemptions upon one day notice.

Being in the business of trading Bitcoin since 2011, M31 capital provides the best platform for fresh and professionals investors, and its potential isn’t surprising as many have doubled their assets in a time of two months.