Price Analysis of SaitokiInu (SAITOKI), Synchrony (SCY), and Titan Hunters (TITA)

SaitokiInu (SAITOKI) – 133.50% Rally

SaitokiInu has reportedly experienced a 133.50% rally with strong support from the bulls. The rally has pushed SaitokiInu’s value up to the current high price of $0.000003872 per SAITOKI. The CoinMarketCap trend line for SaitokiInu shows it was at a low of $0.000001936 per SAITOKI on March 14.

The bulls have continued buying SaitokiInu with high sentiments, which has also attracted many investors to their side. The investment level of the investors has also been reflected through the 549.50% surge in the trading volume for SaitokiInu in the past 24-hours.

The fully diluted valuation for SaitokiInu has also been pushed up by 133.50% in the past 24-hours. The bulls are now stronger than ever when it comes to investing in SaitokiInu. Therefore, the price of SaitokiInu may grow up to $0.000006456 per SAITOKI in the upcoming days.

If the buyers keep acquiring SaitokiInu, then the value of SaitokiInu may grow up to $0.000008611 per SAITOKI. Going forward, the value of SaitokiInu may get pushed up to $0.00001004 per SAITOKI.

Synchrony (SCY) – 130.00% Rally

Synchrony investors are also in action as they have also rallied in the past 24-hours to push Synchrony up to its current high price. On March 19, the value of Synchrony recorded a low price of $0.003478 per SCY.

At that time, the bulls were getting ready to launch their attack against the bears. The bulls reportedly did it 24-hours back and still, their aggression against the bears hasn’t lowered. This has resulted in launching a 130.00% rally in the past 24-hours.

At present, the value of Synchrony stands at a high of $0.008142 per SCY. Given the current sentiments and the general market perception surrounding Synchrony, the investors may continue investing in Synchrony.

The constant investments coming from the bullish investors may keep pushing Synchrony to higher resistance marks. The first mark for the bulls and the investors with bullish sentiments would be $0.01343 per SCY. The second mark that the bulls may eye would be $0.01780 per SCY, and the following one would be $0.02069 per SCY.

Titan Hunters (TITA) – 84.31% Rally

Titan Hunters’ price has also observed an 84.31% rally in the past 24-hours, which has pushed its price up to $0.07151 per TITA.

The bulls have also increased the trading volume for Titan Hunters by 355.04% in the past 24-hours. As the momentum keeps building for Titan Hunters, its value may shoot up to a high resistance mark ($0.1016 per TITA).

As the bears keep getting pressurized by the bulls, they may continue leaving the competition, providing bulls with the opportunity of hitting higher marks. The next high mark the bulls ay hit with their strong buying potential would be $0.1360 per TITA.