Price Analysis of No Limit Ape (NLA), Ridge (RIDGE), and CrazyMiner (PWR)

The cryptocurrency market data for today has brought No Limit Ape (NLA), Ridge (RIDGE), and CrazyMiner (PWR), under the spotlight for their performances. These cryptocurrencies have performed really well in the past 24-hours, as they have recorded high rallies.

CoinMarketCap has, therefore, shared its analysis report on the performance and growth of these three cryptocurrencies. You can go through their performance analysis and price predictions if you are interested to invest in them or for knowledge.

No Limit Ape – Grows by 70.45%

No Limit Ape investors have reportedly gained a lot of confidence in pushing its price to higher marks. In the past 24-hours, the buying power of the investors has increased, which has formed a 70.45% rally.

Due to the surge, the value of No Limit Ape has increased to 0.0000001383 per NLA. The trading volume for No Limit Ape has also been pushed up by 20.69%.

If the bulls keep buying enough No Limit Ape, then the price of No Limit Ape may surge higher. The main goal of the bulls is to launch No Limit Ape onto the resistance channel. Once that happens, the first resistance mark the bulls may attempt hitting would be $0.0000002199 per NLA.

As the situation for No Limit Ape progresses, more investments may start coming in favor of No Limit Ape. This would result in pushing No Limit Ape all the way up to $0.0000002393 per NLA.

Ridge – Grows by 67.89%

Ridge’s value has grown at a high rate in the past 24-hours, and it has become highly attractive for investors. The bulls have invested a lot of money in Ridge in order to form a 67.89% rally in the past 24-hours. The rally has resulted in pushing the value of Ridge up to its strong psychological value of $0.000002696 per RIDGE.

The RSI for Ridge is currently over the midline, which is pointing towards a strong positive trend. This would mean that going forward, the value of Ridge may grow at a high rate, pushing its value up to $0.000003611 per RIDGE.

If the bulls keep increasing their buying potential, then the value of Ridge may surge to $0.000004224. Going forward, the value of Ridge may get pushed up to $0.000004583 per RIDGE.

CrazyMiner – Grows by 63.58%

CrazyMiner investors are also going for high gains as they are also investing heavily to increase their accumulations. This has resulted in forming a 63.58% rally, pushing CrazyMiner’s value to a high of $0.001215 per PWR.

As the confidence of the buyers, increases in buying CrazyMiner, its demand and value may continue surging. This would push its value all the way up to $0.001601 per PWR. This would push its value up to $0.008558, and then up to $0.002003 per PWR.