Price Analysis of LOCGame (LOCG) and Kuma Inu (KUMA)


LOCGame has been running on an uptrend for the past 24-hours, which has uplifted its trading value to a higher benchmark. Right before the bulls launched their rally against the bears, the price of LOCGame was at a low of $0.050 per LOCG.

The bulls attempted to buy LOCGame at a higher level in order to form a strong rally, but it took them some time before they were able to manage it.

Finally, the bulls managed to form a 65.05% rally in the past 24-hours, elevating the trading value of the LOCG/USDT pair to $0.08213 per LOCG.

At present, the bulls have strong sentiments going in favor of LOCGame. Therefore, they have continued trading LOCGame at a higher level, elevating its growth rate by 1142.23%. This would result in pushing the trading volume of LOCGame all the way up to $5,839,669.

As the bulls continue gaining more potential, their rally may continue getting stronger. This way, the price of LOCGame may elevate to $0.1357 per LOCG.

As the momentum continues building, the investors may acquire more LOCGame, pushing its value to a high of $0.1835 per LOCG. The RSI and the moving averages of LOCGame may also grow bullish, which would push its price to $0.2279 per LOCG.

No matter how bullish the situation may be, the bears always have the potential to cause huge dips. The bears may attempt to do the same at the resistance spots but before that, they may do it at $0.08213 per LOCG. They may attempt to bringing the price of LOCGame to a low of $0.06147 per LOCG.

Kuma Inu (KUMA)

Kuma Inu is also moving on a high trend and the investors are showing very high sentiments toward acquiring more Kuma Inu. So far, the investors have pushed Kuma Inu’s price up to its current high price of $0.0000001725 per KUMA. The bulls have achieved such a high price following a 43.55% rally.

Even after 24-hours, the bulls haven’t lost their strong sentiments about acquiring Kuma Inu. With these sentiments, the bulls will be able to achieve higher benchmarks for Kuma Inu.

The first milestone that the bulls may try to achieve with their strong buying force would be $0.0000002534 per KUMA. As the sentiments of the investors grow more bullish, the price of Kuma Inu may get pushed all the way up to $0.0000003257 per KUMA.

In case the bears start taking the lead back from the current high mark, they may bring Kuma Inu down to $0.0000001516 per KUMA. The bears may not stop at this point, as they may continue selling Kuma Inu in order to bring it down to $0.0000001336 per KUMA.