Price Analysis of InpulseX (IPX) and Jones DAO (JONES)

InpulseX Grows by 35.24%

InpulseX investors have been demonstrating very positive sentiments for InpulseX, as they have intensified their buying power in the past 24-hours. The trading value of the IPX/USDT pair was reportedly at a low of $0.00000009399 per IPX before the bulls launched their counterattack.

The bulls went on to acquire InpulseX at a higher scale in the past 24-hours by forming a 35.24% rally. Due to the strong rally, the price of InpulseX has surged to $0.0000001732 per IPX.

Even at the moment, the bulls are eager to acquire more InpulseX, which has resulted in pushing InpulseX’s trading volume by 365.64%. Due to the elevation, the trading volume for InpulseX has been pushed up to $4,476,898.

So far, the rally that the bulls have formed is just to set up the stage for the real show. The bulls may go for very high gains of InpulseX in the upcoming days to push its price up to $0.0000002261 per IPX.

The RSI for InpulseX is also in the upper zone, and soon, the moving averages for InpulseX may start traveling in the bullish zone. This would result in pushing the price of InpulseX to a high of $0.0000002728 per IPX.

As the rally rate continues to intensify, then the price of InpulseX may get pushed up to a major resistance mark ($0.0000003167 per IPX).

Jones DAO Grows by 25.14%

Jones DAO has also grown at a high rate in the past 24-hours, which it has demonstrated with a 25.14% rally. At the time of writing, the trading value of the JONES/USDT pair is at a high of $11.59 per JONES.

Even the volume of the trades for Jones DAO is constantly rising, and it has attracted many investors to its side. With the investors going for higher gains of Jones DAO, its value may grow up to $13.54 per JONES.

As the bulls carry on with their buying spree, the value of Jones DAO may continue surging. This would push the price of Jones DAO all the way up to $15.06 per JONES.

The bulls may not stop going for higher gains once they’ve hit the $15.06 per JONES price. They may continue acquiring more and more Jones DAO to keep the rally going. Their major aim would be to push the rally further and make it hit an even higher price in the upcoming days.

For this, the number of investors have to be increased and for that, the bulls may have to keep the rally running. If the bulls are able to keep the rally running, then the investors may start supporting them even more. This would eventually push the price of Jones DAO over $17.00 per JONES.