Popular Blockchain-based Card Game Splinterlands Partners With Brave Browser

Splinterlands, one of the most played cryptocurrency games based on blockchain technology has partnered with the privacy-centered open-source web browser Brave. As per the announcement, Brave becomes an official browser for this blockchain-based card game. The integration will allow users to access this game directly from Brave and can make in-game purchases using the native digital currency of Brave, the Basic Attention Token (BAT).

Both Brave and Splinterlands will collaborate with each other to promote their initiatives. Brave has a monthly active user-base of more than 19 million. As per the partnership agreement, the privacy-focused browser will promote this cryptocurrency card game to its growing user-base using different promotional and advertisement channels.

While on the other hand, Brave’s native digital token Basic Attention Token (BAT) is now officially supported by Splinterlands. Therefore, users of this card game can easily access this digital token. Splinterlands will let users spend BAT tokens directly in the game and make purchases. Using BAT, users will be able to purchase booster packs as well as they can purchase cards from other players on the market as well. “Players using the Brave browser can opt in to view privacy-preserving ads and in turn be rewarded in BAT via Brave Rewards, which they can then redeem in Splinterlands,” as per the blog post.

Moreover, players of Splinterlands will also be allowed to pay using the ETH cryptocurrency or other tokens that are pegged to it. Users can log in to the game by using the in-built cryptocurrency wallet of the Brave browser.

As per the blog post:

“Splinterlands players can use the Brave Crypto Wallet to log in to the game, make payments with ETH or other Ethereum-based tokens, and even manage their wrapped Dark Energy Crystal (DEC) token balances in order to participate in the recently launched ETH-DEC Uniswap pool which offers some amazing rewards to liquidity providers.”

This integration between Brave and Splinterlands will be beneficial for both of these startups. Both of these focus on the privacy of users and have a similar mission of rewarding users.