An Anonymous Whale Transfers 13,242 BTC For a Fee of $0.84

The famous cryptocurrency transactions tracking Twitter bot Whale Alert has reported another major transfer. Whale Alert reported that an anonymous Bitcoin whale has moved 13,242 BTC to an unknown wallet address. Reportedly, this gargantuan transaction took place after the price value of the largest cryptocurrency recorded its yearly high above $13,000. For this transaction, the whale paid a fee of only $0.84, according to the report of Whale Alert.

Whale Alert noted that this anonymous whale transferred a total of 13,242 BTC in four separate transactions to an unknown wallet address. This massive amount is worth approximately $175.1 million. Apart from this, two other wallet addresses of unknown origin received 300 BTC and less than one BTC respectively.

This wallet was originally created on the 22nd of October by this unknown whale and it took no time to become one of the richest bitcoin wallets available in the industry, according to the data from BitInfoCharts.

Apart from this, Whale Alert has reported various other major transactions of Bitcoin which occurred after the top-ranked digital currency’s price value surpassed above the $13k figure. In these transactions, major cryptocurrency exchanges of the industry were also involved including the San Francisco-based digital currency exchange Coinbase, the Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange Huobi, and the Bitstamp crypto exchange.

A total of 25,998 BTC worth approximately $339.7 million was transacted in a number of transfers. There were ten major transactions in which cryptocurrency exchanges were involved. In one transaction, someone sent an amount of 800 BTC worth over $10 million from the Bitstamp exchange to Coinbase. Similarly, Coinbase received another three transactions of 1095 BTC (worth $14.1 million), 2383 BTC ($31 million), and 1000 BTC ($12.9 million) respectively from three wallet addresses whose origins were unknown.

While on the other hand, there were two transfers that were made from the Coinbase exchange’s wallet addresses. One transfer of 1754 BTC worth $22.6 million was made to an unknown wallet while in the second transfer, over $10 million worth of BTC was sent to the crypto exchange Huobi.