LibertyX Now Allows Consumers to Sell Bitcoin For Cash at ATMs Across the US

America’s largest network of Bitcoin ATMs LibertyX has now made it possible for users to sell Bitcoin (BTC) at local ATMs all across the United States as a Bitcoin cash-out feature has been introduced by the network, according to a report by PR Newswire.

Turn Bitcoin into Cash in seconds

Earlier, the major retail network was only allowing users the facility of buying Bitcoin at 5,000 ATMs and 20,000 chain store locations nationwide. But now LibertyX has launched Bitcoin-to-cash sales as well allowing users to sell their bitcoin for cash at ATMs. As per the announcement, it will take a few seconds for users to convert their Bitcoin into cash by clicking on the LibertyX app and visiting an ATM standing near to them.

As the price value of Bitcoin (BTC) is running up, users want to sell their BTC, said the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Co-Founder of LibertyX Chris Yim, but they want a way where they do not have to deal with bank or wire transfers which usually result in delays. However, LibertyX is providing them with the opportunity to sell their Bitcoin instantly and conveniently for cash at local ATMs in the country, he said.

The facility of selling and purchasing Bitcoin with LibertyX is available for the Unites States customers nationwide “from Madame Tussauds in Times Square New York to Moab Tourism Center in Arches National Park,” he added.

Around 15,000 Bitcoin supported ATMs are currently present all across the United States. Most of them allow the purchase of Bitcoin. However, according to Yim, there are less than two thousand ATMs where users can sell their amount of BTC for cash. But the new Bitcoin cashout feature of LibertyX is available across 5,000 ATMs in the country while providing users a large number of ATMs for selling their BTC for cash instantly.

Adding more to it, he said when users know that it is a very convenient, easy, and instant process to sell BTC for cash, they purchase Bitcoin more comfortably.