IOHK CEO Says Roadmap for Cardano’s Goguen Era Will Be Released on OCT 29

Charles Hoskinson, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of IOHK has revealed the release date for the roadmap of Cardano’s Goguen era. According to Charles Hoskinson, the company behind Cardano will roll out the roadmap for its Goguen era later this month on the 29th of October. After Shelley, it will be a new era for the Cardano network.

Goguen to take place in different phases

While speaking in his recent AMA, the IOHK CEO shed a light on the Goguen era of Cardano and said that its roadmap will be rolled out on October 29. Unveiling more details about this project, Charles Hoskinson said that Goguen is not going to take place at once. It will go through a series of updates as well as a number of hard fork events before it comes over completely. He said, “each and every one of them can add more functionality to the system”.

Explaining further, he said that Goguen will not occur at once as some in the community think. Rather, it is going to occur in different phases, stage by stage. Goguen is not something that you can flip and say “Oh, Goguen is here”, he added.

Hoskinson called Goguen “a spectrum” saying that the company has only delivered to people a part of this project and it plans to uncover more parts of it very soon. Some of these parts, according to Hoskinson, are set to be announced on the 29th of October.

Furthermore, the IOHK CEO revealed that the company has already implemented some of the functionalities of Goguen. One of them is metadata, he said. The functionality of metadata will let on-chain apps utilize the Cardano blockchain. On the product update, the company will disclose more details regarding the other phases of the Goguen era.

Before Goguen, Cardano launched its Shelley hard fork and activated it in the month of July. The basic intention of the company behind rolling out the Shelley hard fork upgrade was to achieve complete decentralization.