GateHub Wants To Continue Its Support For XRP Despite Ongoing Ripple VS SEC Fiasco

Where other major cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto sector announced to delist XRP in the light of the fiasco going on between the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and Ripple, the digital assets exchange GateHub has decided to stand by the fourth-ranked cryptocurrency. GateHub has not followed the footsteps of other major crypto exchanges and is going to continue its support for Ripple’s native digital currency.

GateHub Has No Plans For Delisting XRP

In an official announcement made recently, the crypto exchange said that it has decided to keep Ripple’s cryptocurrency listed on its trading platform and has refused to go for the delisting of XRP. The company said that it would continue to support the trading of XRP until the ongoing legal matter between Ripple and the US SEC is sorted out completely.

While talking about its stance on the status of XRP, the firm said that it has never considered the remittance coin security. The exchange said that it has always primarily regarded Ripple’s native digital asset as a utility token.

However, the cryptocurrency exchange said that if the authorities of the United States can prove that Ripple is guilty of making profits through the sale of $1.3 billion worth of unregistered securities, then the authority should need to take proper enforcement action against the blockchain payments giant. This action by the SEC, however, has come with catastrophic consequences for those investors who have not committed any crime.

Alongside GateHub, Upholds Also Continues Support For XRP

GateHub has become the latest cryptocurrency exchange to continue listing XRP on its platform, following the footsteps of the cryptocurrency exchange Uphold. A week ago, the Uphold announced that it does not plan to delist XRP and will keep it listed until the final decision comes out from the battle between Ripple and the SEC. Now, there are two crypto exchanges, GateHub and Uphold, that are standing in favor of the native digital currency of XRP.

Meanwhile, some other crypto exchanges continue to go with the delisting of XRP as another crypto exchange has announced to delist the token. The digital currency exchange CoinGate is the latest one to do this.