A Recent Poll Reveals Most BTC Investors Will Sell Bitcoin If Price Hits $100K

Though the world’s first-ever decentralized digital currency, Bitcoin (BTC), has skyrocketed all the way up to set a new all-time high value above the figure of $40,000, most of the investors of the leading digital currency are not yet interested in selling their BTC holdings. They are waiting for the top-ranked cryptocurrency to hit the milestone of $100,000 before they go for the sale of their assets, a recent poll suggests.

Following the massive price rallies of the world’s top digital assets, a few cryptocurrency analysts conducted a poll on the social media platform Twitter in a bid to know what investors plan to do with their Bitcoin holdings. This Twitter poll disclosed that the holders of Bitcoin are not currently planning on throwing their coins away as they believe that the flagship cryptocurrency is going to reach the mark of $100,000.

Out of the total individuals that participated in the poll, 65 percent said that they would think about selling their BTC only in one case, and that is when Bitcoin will hit the significant milestone of $100K.

Josh Rager, a famous cryptocurrency analyst, also recently appeared on Twitter and started a poll over there. He asked the investors of Bitcoin how much they are planning on selling from their BTC holdings once the primary digital currency stops at the next highest value. A large number of Twitter users responded to this poll. A majority of the participants (34.3 percent) said that they would sell 75 percent to 100 percent of their Bitcoin holdings. While on the other hand, nearly 32 percent of the participants said that they only plan to throw away less than 25 percent of their holdings.

Meanwhile, the dominant cryptocurrency is steadily going down. After hitting an all-time high at around $41,900, Bitcoin’s price dropped down substantially. It has fallen down from $41,000 to the $35,500 mark within the duration of just one week. The current sentiment for Bitcoin is slightly bearish. However, the coin is continuously trying to tackle it and is struggling to regain its bullish momentum so that it could restart its journey towards the next milestone.

At the time of writing, the price value of BTC is standing at $35,833.94.