Fast-Food Restaurant Chain Muscle Maker Grill Announces To Begin Accepting BTC As A Payment Method

A well-known fast-food chain for health-conscious customers has started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method. The world’s leading digital currency, Bitcoin, has started regaining its price value and admiration in the crypto market and gaining popularity in other fields as well. It has been observed that many institutions are adopting Bitcoin (BTC) for payment and few other purposes and inculcating BTC in their businesses. Muscle Maker Grill, which is known to be one of the most popular fast-food chains for health-conscious people, has also started accepting Bitcoin (BTC) as a payment method.

On the 29th of April, Muscle Maker Grill based in New Jersey disclosed the newly introduced payment method via press release. It stated that from now on, MMG would be accepting BTC for payment purposes. Moreover, it was cleared that initially, Bitcoin will only be accepted from the company’s franchises, and it is also part of the plan to start BTC payments online and in physical locations in the coming time.

Muscle Maker Grill was founded in 1995 in New Jersey, known to be a healthy twist that aims to entertain health-conscious persons. MMG offers healthy and affordable fast-food meals to such clients who take health matters on a serious note, and hence MMG is the pride of the state, which fulfills the customers’ demand by entertaining them side by side.

Michael Roper, the Chief Executive Officer of MMG, says that the company is adopting the modern ways according to the need of the hour, and accepting Bitcoin is part of that plan for the natural progression of his registered Nasdaq Company. Moreover, he said that this step would help the millennials to get healthy food in convenient ways to maintain their health. MMG is trying its level best to facilitate the customer and delivering healthy food to them in an enhanced digitized way.

More Merchants to Follow the Same Trend

In the past couple of months, many well-known merchants like Beatport, Burger King, and gaming hubs many others have adopted cryptocurrencies to flourish and modernize their business and many more to come.

Sonny Singh, the Chief Commercial Officer of BitPay, disclosed that the payment share of Bitcoin is not declining as few other coins like Dogecoin are becoming the center of attraction among various merchants to inculcate such altcoins in their businesses for payment purposes. Moreover, he said that Dogecoin has been carrying out its popularity among other coins for payment modules.