Cardano Is Introducing A Blockchain-based National Identity System In Ethiopia

IOHK is reportedly planning to work with African governments to build new blockchain framework protocols to provide sustainable educational solutions to the people of the African Continent.

The Cardano Foundation is working hard in the expansion of the capabilities of the ADA network in Africa. The foundation recently announced a new solution that will help in the enhancement of education systems in Ethiopia. IOHK is going to work with the Ethiopian government to successfully implement the new solution, formally named the Atala PRISM protocol, that will help in the tracking of nationwide individual performances of students, that can help them better understand where they are excelling and where they are lacking in different subjects. That will help them understand and decide in which industry they want to focus.

Minister joins the struggle

The minister of education of Ethiopia, Getahun Mekuria has gladly joined hands with IOHK in the improvement of the education system in Ethiopia. The new solution will aid the agency formed by the minister in tracking school performances and enhancing the schooling experience for students by providing them with the right resources they need to complete their studies effectively. The Solution is expected to help out around 3500 schools with around 5Million students and 750,000 teachers spread across the area. Mekuria said that blockchain will definitely help the system to deal with digital exclusion and increase the reach of providing better education and employment system.

The digital performance and qualification tracking system will also help out in reducing any fraudulent activity regarding university and job applications, making sure that only worthy and eligible people can take advantage of the opportunities. Director of African Operations at IOHK, John O’Connor has said that the solution is still in the development phase and is expected to launch at the start of 2021.

$ADA Performance

After the announcement of this new initiative, $ADA gained a nice 4.3% rise in value, reaching a high of $1.37. According to the IOMAP, ADA continues to remain stable in the market, even after multiple hits. Statistical data from sources highlight that around 2.8 Billion ADA has been purchased at an average of $1.21, showing the daily popularity gain. $ADA is still very affordable for traders, but it looks like that it will hit new highs in no time.