Cardano Secures Its Name In Coinbase Pro List As ADA Continues To Grow

Cardano (ADA) has gained a massive achievement. Cardano has successfully been able to secure a position in the Coinbase pro list, creating trading opportunities.

Coinbase Pro confirmed the listing of Cardano (ADA) on the 16th of March, now enabling inbound transfers for Cardano asset. The complete trading experience for ADA is marked to launch on the 18th of March, respectively, when there is enough stable liquidity created. According to a tweet from Coinbase Pro, traders will not be able to place any orders until the liquidity requirements are met, and only a limited number of regions are currently supported, with more regions to be added over time.

Once the liquidity requirement is successfully met, the complete trading experience for ADA will commence. It will, however, take some time for the complete system to start working. Till then, the orders will be moved via mail only and will also be limited in number.

Cardano also underwent a massive network upgrade, raising its value to new levels. Cardano has had a steady rise in value without any dips. ADA has alone gained a 22% value boost in just a day, with many analysts and investors pointing at higher levels.

Cardano will undergo another upgrade in the future, increasing its value even further, potentially placing ADA above the major cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, but that is yet to be seen as Ethereum and Bitcoin are already huge contenders in the crypto market. The upgrade is currently named Goguen that is expected to be a Christmas gift for Cardano, as it will increase the functionality and feature set of decentralized apps, making them extremely fun and reliable to use.

The addition of ADA in Coinbase’s list is definitely a huge opportunity for Cardano to be highlighted in the eyes of many traders, users, and investors because Coinbase pro is already a well-established platform known by many people around the world. Coinbase is also pushing itself further into the DeFi territory by registering more assets, including SushiSwap, AAVE, and many more, showing its presence in the stock exchanges in hopes for a straight listing. Coinbase Pro exchange currently has a monstrous value of around $90 Billion, placing it at the top.