Anonymous Bitcoin User Transfers 32,353 BTC In A Single Transaction

Anonymous holders of Bitcoin continue to surprise the cryptocurrency community with their record-breaking transactions. Another enormous transaction involving a massive amount of Bitcoin has been made by a holder of Bitcoin whose identity is not known. The cryptocurrency tracking and analytics firm or commonly known as a Twitter bot, Whale Alert has unveiled another gargantuan transfer in its recent report.

$620 Million Worth of BTC Was Moved

Whale Alert has reported that an anonymous holder of Bitcoin has moved an amount of 32,353 BTC worth around $620 million (at the time when the transaction was made). This amount is now worth over $670 million at the current time when the price value of the top-ranked digital currency is trading above the bullish price level of $20,000.

Over the past few days, it is one of the largest transfers in Bitcoin that has been tracked down by Whale Alert. Reportedly, the transaction took place on the 13th of December and the user who made this transaction sent this staggering amount of BTC to a wallet address whose identity is also unknown. While sharing further details about this transaction, Whale Alert reported that only $12 in transaction fee was paid by the anonymous user. When this transaction occurred, the price value of the leading digital coin rallied to the $19,000 area while recovering from its price crash.

It is not the first transfer of such kind that has taken place this year rather the Twitter bot has reported various major transactions throughout this year. Prior to this, another anonymous user made the largest-ever transaction in history. An amount of $1 billion worth of Bitcoin (BTC) was transferred by an unknown user to an unknown wallet address. Reportedly, the wallet address from where this historical transaction was made was connected to Silk Road Darknet.

Nearly 185,000 BTC moved by holders

Another report has revealed that the users of Bitcoin have been moving their holdings during the price rally of the coin that occurred in the month of November. The Bitcoin-focused financial services firm Unchained Capital has reported that approximately an amount of 185,000 BTC has been transferred by the holders of Bitcoin.

Meanwhile, the price value of the world’s largest digital currency has broken above the level of $20k for the first time in history and has recorded a new all-time high value.