VeChain’s Partnership With Will Let VET Holders Purchase At eBay, Walmart, And Amazon

A new partnership had recently been announced by the VeChain Foundation as it looks to align itself with is essentially an e-commerce-based platform that possesses international scope and has been busy implementing the successful integration of cryptocurrency payments. As of yesterday, users may utilize VeChain’s native token, VET, in order to make purchases at eBay, Etsy, Walmart, and Amazon.

Furthermore, holders of VET may also be entitled to receive benefits from a discount of 2% pertaining to all items, which range from every day and novelty items to even electronics. This discount shall be made available for the duration of the next couple of weeks, starting from today.’s CEO, Arbel Arif, had stated that regarding the new partnership with VeChain, there is definitely a reason to celebrate as this project has a lot of potential for the future and has both longevity and a passionate community needed to make it long-term. He added that he is thus extremely excited with this new collaboration and that the future looks bright indeed.

Numerous tokens offered

The platform is one of the very few of its kind, which enables consumers to be able to utilize crypto to shop online. Moreover, besides VET, numerous other tokens are also currently being offered by, with the choices going well into the hundreds category.

Also, possesses a few native tokens as well, which are known as $GSPI and $SPI. By utilizing these native tokens, further discounts can be availed by the consumers. As per a new official post made by the company’s representatives, the need for absolute freedom regarding e-commerce is vital in this day and age, and having this power is only going to alter the industry in a way that everyone may benefit from this change.

Slowly moving up

As of now, VeChain is currently ranked as the 23rd highest ranked crypto by market capitalization. However, it could soon move up in the rankings thanks to new partnerships being formed, such as the abovementioned collaboration with Among many others, some recent key partnerships included the likes of environmental, e-commerce, and various other relevant sectors. The VeChain Foundation had even managed to participate in CAFA’s Food Safety Sumit a couple of days ago on the 7th of July.

Elsewhere, the organization is busy becoming increasingly involved with numerous big-time players, such as Unilever China, YumChina, Cargill, Mars China, and even Starbucks.