USDC And Deso Blockchain Partners to Make Web3 Public

It is said that DeSo gains convenience thanks to this integration. DeSo is an innovative, top-tier blockchain for globally scalable, decentralized social media and apps. The layer one blockchain is a gateway to Ethereum and its many users and decentralized programs. 

However, on-chain encrypted communication between these users and dApps will be available. It’ll be a bonus on top of a set of features similar to Twitter.

Acceptance Of the Merger and Its Positive Effects on Users

This integration has a significant number of supporters in the blockchain community. Andreessen Horowitz, Coinbase, Sequoia, and a few more are all members. 

The relationship between the companies has several benefits. 

Millions of MetaMask and Ethereum users can now use USDC to access decentralized social media networks. Users will have access to a fully distributed on-chain graph. Moreover, gas-free end-to-end encrypted on-chain messaging is available to users. 

Other advantages include creating a profile and following individuals without using any gas. The recently completed fiscal connection between Ethereum and DeSo is an additional benefit. It’ll help developers create social apps for the Web 3.0 platform.

Comments have been made by Nader Al-Naji, the founder of DeSo, on the bridge. He says that the currently available blockchains are unable to store material effectively. He noted that keeping 200 characters on Ethereum costs $50 but just $0.15 on Solana, Avalanche, or Polygon.

Then he remarked that, in contrast, one DeSo token costs one one-ten-thousandth of a cent. Because of this, it is the first blockchain to challenge applications like social media that rely heavily on data storage. 

He stressed that DeSo is unique because it is the first blockchain to let programmers build social apps. For him, this was a deal breaker. He continued by saying that web3 can potentially disrupt the banking sector and the social media industry, which is worth a whopping one trillion dollars, for the first time.

Growing Potential Toward Web3’s Social Infrastructure

DeSo, however, currently only supports Ethereum-based USDC transactions. In the not-too-distant future, the blockchain project hopes to connect to the networks of other stablecoins.

Al-Naji said they don’t want to be part of any organization. Continuing, he explained that DeSo is a cross-chain solution. In doing so, he demonstrated how DeSo facilitates communication amongst users. Users’ ecosystem participation is irrelevant to the interaction. In his opinion, DeSo provides the web3 platform’s overall social layer.

The consolidation followed a series of fruitful funding periods. Andreessen Horowitz, Sequoia Capital, and Coinbase all helped with the process. 

The combined efforts generated $200,000,000. Coinbase first enabled DeSo support earlier this year. The price of the platform has also risen dramatically during the last week. During the same period, it was integrated with MetaMask. It also experienced the inclusion of Several new social apps in its blockchain.