US Senator has Questioned the Environmental Footprint of Bitcoin Miner Greenidge

Senator Elizabeth Warren has written to the CEO of Greenidge generation holding, inquiring about the excessive impact that their Bitcoin mining operation has imparted to the environment. This mining facility is currently operating in upstate New York and at various other locations. Senator Elizabeth Warren is extremely concerned when it comes to Bitcoin mining and its brutal impact on our environment. She demands answers for how long this Bitcoin operation has been running, how electricity is consumed, and what about the waste that is produced? Is all of it released into the environment without any treatment? Or is there a proper framework around this?

This very company is associated with energy production through acquiring aging fossil fuel plants and thus limiting the impact of mining on the environment. After China issued a crackdown on cryptocurrencies and decentralization, many miners were forced to move out of China and settle into friendlier frontiers. The very reason for China to impart such a severe crackdown on Bitcoin mining was its brutal impact on our environment and how it goes unchecked.

Greenidge Wants to Make Bitcoin Mining a 100% Environment-Friendly Operation

The firm has previously advertised itself as the one and only integrated power generator and a Bitcoin mining facility of scale that is operating vertically in the United States and is 100% carbon-free. Now when the senator has asked for a detailed response, the firm’s representatives say that they will be more than happy to prepare a detailed report about their energy production and Bitcoin mining operation, and they will hand it over to senator Elizabeth Warren.

The firm sees its operation as an economic and environmental reform which is an immersive Bitcoin mining operation but at the same time doesn’t add any expense to our environment in terms of using fossil fuels for the sake of producing electricity which then is used for crypto mining. Greenidge was able to reboot multiple power plants situated in upstate New York, which were previously closed because of their harsh impact on the environment, but with this green energy production initiating, these power plants just might be able to provide enough energy for the sake of Bitcoin mining that is 100% carbon-free.