US City Mayor Scott Conger Says Bitcoin (BTC) Can Fix Inflation

Scott Conger, the Mayor of the City of Jackson, previously put a post on Twitter regarding his view about Bitcoin that it can help fix inflation. The tweet, which was targeting the federal government of the United States, comprised two questions regarding inflation. At the end of the tweet, he suggested Bitcoin (BTC) be the only means to get rid of inflation.

It is crystal clear that Bitcoin has soared awfully in its inflation rate during the past years. Presently, the United States is standing at 6.35 for the coming two years, as mentioned by Mayor Conger. It was disclosed by Conger that he had experienced constant inflation in the United States through all the 37 years of his life. He focused that every year has seen a decrease in the worth of the dollar.

Conger’s Task Force for Bitcoin

Conger has always been a strong supporter of the adoption of Bitcoin. He was appointed as City of Jackson’s youngest mayor at the age of 35 after defeating his competitor Jerry Woods by more than 3,000 votes.

The mayor has not kept his favor for the crypto asset. Formerly in April, an announcement was made by Conger on Twitter which stated that he would construct a Task Force for Blockchain. In his opinion, this would provide means for making a better position for the city in the coming days. Similarly, Black Wall Street has also been accompanied by the mayor, and he has also shown his picture with laser eyes, as the profile image on his Twitter account, which is associated with the supporters of Bitcoin. In the opinion of Conger, there are chances of more options and opportunities to be provided by Bitcoin for his voters.

Property taxes to be implemented on the constituents

The mayor further described that the current aim of the Task Force is to look out for the ways through which the city can accept payments in bitcoin. Seemingly, he told, the current focus of the city is to devise the facilities for the employees to be capable of paying the taxes conveniently in Bitcoin.

It is prominent news nowadays that the authorities and the governments are discussing the matter of adopting Bitcoin at a broader level. It will be another milestone in Bitcoin history if mayor Conger implements the suggested solutions in the city.