Two Major Crypto Exchanges Gemini and Kraken Announce to Add Trading Support for Filecoin

Winklevoss brothers-owned cryptocurrency exchange Gemini and the San Francisco-based digital currency exchange Kraken are considered as one of the prominent cryptocurrency exchanges in the crypto industry. Both of these major digital exchanges have announced to add trading support for the Filecoin Network’s native digital token FIL. These exchanges are adding support for Filecoin (FIL) as the launch date of its mainnet draws nearer.

Cryptocurrency exchange Gemini announced on October 14, 2020, that it is launching trading support for Filecoin. As per the announcement, users will be given access to deposits and withdrawals of FIL on the 15th of October at 10:30am ET. The trading of FIL will be rolled out soon after that, the company said in the blog post. Along with trading, Gemini has also announced custodial support for the coin as well. With the listing of FIL, there are now over 30 digital assets supported on the Gemini’s trading platform.

Another major digital currency exchange Kraken has also announced trading support for Filecoin’s FIL. Kraken announced in a blog post recently that it will list FIL on its platform on October 15, 2020. Initially, there are four trading pairs that will be supported for the FIL token. Starting from Thursday, Kraken users will be allowed to trade FIL against the first-ranked digital asset Bitcoin (BTC), the second-ranked cryptocurrency Ethereum (ETH), US Dollar (USD), and EUR.

The listing of FIL on the platforms of both cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and Kraken will occur on the day when the Filecoin Network is rolling out its mainnet launch on October 15. As soon as the mainnet is launched successfully, the trading of FIL will be initiated on these major trading platforms.

In addition to Kraken and Gemini, another one of the top cryptocurrency exchanges Huobi is also planning on introducing trading support for the FIL token. The Singapore-based cryptocurrency exchange, however, is expected to launch FIL trading after its network mainnet launch.

FIL is the native digital currency of the Filecoin network which is a decentralized storage network that has been created by Protocol Labs.