Turkey To Use Blockchain Technology for Its E-Human Initiative

Recep Tayyip Erdoan, the president of Turkey, has provided some new details to the e-Human initiative. This occurred before the national blockchain conference in Turkey. 

Blockchain technology will be used by the e-Human project, according to a report by Cointelegraph Turkey. By doing this, blockchain will provide security for the system’s data, services, and capabilities.

Turkey’s E-Human Initiative

The Turkish e-Human project is a digital service hub. The project enables the Turkish Presidency to share information about its products and technological developments. 

These technologies are in connection to talent acquisition, distance learning, and career development.

The e-Human program offers a variety of opportunities. Some people can access job and internship opportunities in the public and private sectors. 

Students, fresh graduates, and employees in the public sector are examples of these people. 

The effort offers further options. They consist of events, instructional materials, job fairs held all around Turkey, and authorized training for public sector employees.

The project’s objectives include supporting the participants’ personal development and improving their employability.

The national car company of Turkey, TOGG, announced earlier that it would establish a strategic partnership. The partnership will be with Ava Labs, the company that created the Avalanche blockchain. 

The collaboration aims to develop smart contract-based, secure, and rapid mobility services.

Formerly, Turkey Had a Hostile Stance Against Cryptocurrencies

Turkey was initially a country that welcomed cryptocurrency. This was before President Erdoan’s all-out campaign against cryptocurrency use. 

The country adopted a policy prohibiting cryptocurrency in April 2021. In addition, the rule forbade using cryptocurrency as payment for regional goods and services.

However, the Turkish government studied the ecosystem and developed various blockchain initiatives. This was in contrast to its previous stance, which was hostile toward cryptocurrencies. 

The country even announced its plans to set up a national blockchain infrastructure. However, there were no additional notices or updates. Therefore, the pandemic could be to blame for the delay.

The Turkish government opposes the widespread public use of cryptocurrency. Nevertheless, several important international events take place in the country. 

The Blockchain Economy Istanbul and the Istanbul Blockchain Week are examples of these events. The country’s developer community is also working hard to make Istanbul the site of the subsequent DevCon. 

A significant occasion for the Ethereum development community is the upcoming DevCon.

Recent Chainalysis data revealed interesting information about Turkey. First, it demonstrates that Turkey is among the fastest-growing markets for cryptocurrencies. 

Regarding the adoption of cryptocurrencies, Turkey is among the top 20 countries. The results of Chainalysis’ 2022 Global Cryptocurrency Adoption Index support this.