TradesPeck Review – Is a Recommended Crypto Broker?

Trades Peck Broker Rating
  • 93%
    Overall Score - 93%

Summary is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full Trades Peck review to learn more about TradesPeck.

TradesPeck Review

TradesPeck logoHave you been trading through a firm that is just not up to the standards is keeping your trading activities limited? Are you not happy with the services and the portfolio building opportunities that the trading firm is offering?

Then it is time to read my TradesPeck review, because the TradesPeck broker, has the ability to answer all of these questions in the best possible way. It is time for you to learn how a specialized trading firm can making things very promising and supporting for you to perform trades.

The entire focus of my Trades Peck review will be to give you as much visibility about this firm’s services and offerings as possible. I’m sure that after reading review, you’ll find it easier to decide whether you’d like to stick with your current service provider to move to TradesPeck.

No Stopping with Trading Assets

The TradesPeck trading firm has built up a strong reputation and market status being among the firms offering multiple trading assets. You have the freedom of choosing from multiple trading assets that come from numerous trading markets. The major markets that the broker has tapped to bring you the instruments from include forex, commodities, indices, stocks, and cryptocurrencies.

You have full authority and freedom to diversify your portfolio, switching from crypto trading to other markets but that is all based on your choice.

TradesPeck trading platform

You also have access to different trading accounts types readied by the Trades Peck broker, based on different trading experiences and market interactions. You can pick the intermediate trading account if you feel you already know the fundamentals of trading markets and can take challenges on your own.

Educational Guidance is Must

The teams at the Trades Peck trading firm strongly believe that your empowerment must be carried out while you continue trading. The firm achieves this by providing you with sea of knowledge and information gathered and shared by the experts at TradesPeck. The data has been compiled in the form of learnings with eBooks and videos.

You can also add yourself to the list of webinars and also opt for the private coaching sessions with the trading experts. You can learn market insights, tactics, tips/tricks, and strategies from these experts, and apply them to your trading activities.

The support staff at the broker is always available to guide you whenever you face any problem or have a general query to discuss. They can be reached out via landline and email to discuss your query and to find fast resolution.

Platform to Support Several Functions

The trading firm has readied a fleet of several trading features and utilities. If you are able to use them wisely, you can increase your command and influence over the trading markets. The firm has organized all of the useful features on a very intuitive and comprehensive trading platform, which is web-based.

The platform lets you automate your trades, carry out money management, do leveraged trades, view trading signals, and do so much more. You can even view news feed, price alerts, run market analysis, and do so much more through the trading platform.

The economic calendar is also one of the most attractive tools that is available on the platform. You can learn about the upcoming events impacting the trading market from the economic calendar.

Everything is Streamlined

I must highlight in my review that you will not see the broker do things against the operational guidelines. It has become highly reputable by adhering to the operational guidelines that include KYC and AML checks. The firm has strived to offer a professional and a streamlined environment for trading, and so far, it has succeeded in offering that.

You shouldn’t be worried when sharing your private and financial details because the SSL Security is there to encrypt the data. The information hidden by the encryptions cannot be decrypted by the hackers or unwanted people.

TradesPeck security protocols

To protect your account from unwanted logins, the firm has added the 2-Factor Authentication feature. It ensures that your account has a second layer of protection, which requires access authentication via provide email or phone number.

Is TradesPeck Scam or Legit?

Now that you have witnessed what this platform has to offer, I do not expect you’d have any doubts left about the authenticity of the firm. From offering multiple trading assets, experience-based trading accounts, to education program, the firm is purely the definition of legitimacy.


Adding more value to trades, means that you are willing to add more assets, investments, and efforts to expand your jurisdiction. You can only achieve this when you are using a trading platform that is highly reliable and offers you support, regardless of your trading profile. I can say that I find TradesPeck to be the firm that can make it happen for you.