The Top 4 Cryptocurrency Browser Extensions

Everything about blockchains, from Dapps, and NFTs to cryptocurrencies, is hot at the moment. Whether you’re interested in broadening your boundaries or education about fintech, this article remains an essential resource.

Browser extensions improve your web experience, allowing you to complete internet tasks while still in your browser. Meanwhile, crypto cryptocurrency extensions permit users to assess the market, store digital tokens or jump into the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) world.


MetaMask always dominates, despite which browser list you check, and there’s a good reason. For now, it boasts over 30 million monthly subscribers, proving its greatness in the market. While built on Ethereum (ETH), MetaMask’s primary use is intermingling with the broad Ethereum blockchain.

That means users can explore Dapps and access ETH-based wallets. As MetaMask facilitates the interaction with ETH and other ERC20 coins, it does not allow individuals to interact with Bitcoin. Nevertheless, that is not a limiting facet, considering multiple exchanges such as OKX permit people to create NFTs and trade countless digital coins.

Nifty Scanner

Nifty Scanner could be a reliable solution for anyone interested in a more NFT-centered extension. Though blockchain tech facilitates NFTs minting, most creators store these assets using centralized platforms. However, this may lead to owners’ issues and welcome broken NFT links.

Meanwhile, Nifty Scanners prevents these problems by evaluating NFT background info before you purchase. The extension reveals whether the creators stored their NFTs on the blockchain. Moreover, it analyzes attached smart contracts, letting users know Etherscan verified projects.

This information is crucial before completing your NFT purchase. Remember, holding broken links means losing your investments and no way of selling the NFTs.


The Phantom extension can import a wallet if you have mainstream browsers such as Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. Created on the Solana Network, a top-notch fast ‘smart’ contract blockchain, Phantom allows you to send & receive cryptocurrencies, convert your existing digital tokens, and trade NFTs.

With Solana dubbed an ETH killer means Phantom is a direct MetaMask rival. The best thing is this extension can work on a desktop and mobile app. That ensures flexibility and convenience for users.

Also, using Phantom allows accessing your desired Ledger hardware wallet. That means you can access any SOL token, regardless of your location.

Unstoppable Extension

Websites developers appear dedicated to decentralization as we welcome Web 3.0. Meanwhile, that triggered .crypto websites and .zil emergence (typical websites cannot access these domains). However, that’s not a problem when you have the Unstoppable extension, as it allows navigating the sites as they would with .com domains. All you need to access the websites is the IPFS node.

Website extensions heighten browser functionality, and you can access them in different sizes and shapes. Individuals can use the abovementioned extensions to explore crypto and blockchain further.