The Most Awaited Crypto Games

For now, it seems like cryptocurrency gaming will only flourish. The awaited blockchain-powered gaming may be compelling for gamers.

It is undeniable that blockchain technology has revolutionized video gaming. With the arrival of NFTs, distinct virtual coins linked to gaming content, gamers may purchase and hold in-game tokens and sell the asset like physical goods.

For now, crypto gaming indicates a brighter future. Most crypto-based games are working to develop their platforms, promising to deliver updated gaming experiences. Here are some of the upcoming cryptocurrency games that might entice players in some months to come.

The Sandbox

The Sandbox was a mobile game since its launch in 2012. However, the project seems to take a diverse tactic for its release this year release.  At the moment, the game is in 3D and available on the blockchain. The game’s protocols allow you to design and monetize discrete coins, experiences, and environments. Moreover, you can share assets with different users.

With blockchain technology, players can sell their created assets, spend and earn SAND coins. Also, they can purchase stable in-game LAND plots.

The Sandbox managed to make millions selling NFT items and LAND. It has also worked with renowned brands such as The Walking Dead.


SkyWeaver is a game from Horizon Blockchain Games that allows users to invest. It has enjoyed social media attention by Reddit founder and CEO Alexis Ohanian. The gamers battle with different players online.

Instead of selling booster packages comprising random cards, SkyWeaver provides specific cards at a fixed fee. After that, players can trade and sell as they want, utilizing an integrated market interface. Gamers can use their PC, mobile, and web to play SkyWeaver after the launch.

Hash Rush

Hash Rush allows players to earn while gaming. It pairs real-time approach gameplay. The gamers use ETH blockchain core to build a base and defend their Crypto Crystals and colony from external attacks. Players earn more crypto crystals as they play Hash Rush.

Meanwhile, gamers can earn tokenized rewards through campaigns by specialized bounty. They can then trade and sell their token without obstacles.

Hash Rush is in its pre-release test at the moment.

Some of the crypto games that might entertain online players in the future are Big Time and Guide of Guardians.