The Bitcoin and Ethereum Prices Aim High, And XRP Is Set to Rise Further

BTC is still having trouble breaking over the $19,500 barrier. At the moment, BTC is stabilizing around the $19,000 mark. Unless there is a decisive breach to the upside, the bears may attempt to push prices below the $18,000 mark.

The Current Market Value of Bitcoin and Ethereum

Bitcoin’s price has fluctuated within a narrow band of $19,000 in the previous three sessions. Since BTC’s hourly chart price of $19,000 was above a negative trend line, bulls may be seeking a new uptick. To do this, it must close above $19,200 and the 50-hour simple moving average.

In anticipation, BTC’s price will encounter stiff competition at around $19,380. If the price breaks out over the $19,380 barrier, it might go on to the next level of resistance at $19,620 or possibly $20,000 in the process. Initially, $19,000 serves as a floor for the price. If the price drops below the $18,785 area, the next necessary support is around the $18,380 area.

The price of Ethereum is creating a base of support above $1,320. Ether (ETH) is trying a bullish breakout over $1,350. Above $1,390 and $1,410, the price may begin a steep ascent. Until then, however, there is still significant resistance around.

Otherwise, the price can fall again. The hourly chart shows a bullish trend line, and the $1,330 level provides early support. If the price drops below $1,310, it may retest the $1,275 level.

The Value Of XRP, BNB, DOGE, SOL, And ADA

The ADA/USD pair continues to consolidate above the $0.450 area. There is near-term resistance at $0.465, beyond which the price might increase to $0.48.

Trading in BNB is now below $270. At $272, there is a looming obstacle. Above $275, the price may start a wave that carries it to $288. The first significant barrier is $275.

To go over $32.50, Solana (SOL) has some stiff competition. A decisive break over $32.50 might signal the beginning of a solid upswing. However, a decline to $30.50 or perhaps $30.20 is also possible.

Gradually, DOGE is falling underneath the $0.0600 support level. There’s a chance that prices will try out the $0.0580 level. If we keep suffering losses, we may have to lower the cost to $0.0565.

The XRP/USD pair has gained over 5% and has successfully closed over the $0.40 barrier level. A further push to the $0.425 resistance is possible.

Existing Alternative Coin Markets

Coins like USTC, RVN, CVX, HNT, KSM, USDN, KLAY, EOS, and LDO are among those trying to get a price boost. As a result, HNT hopes to see a rise in its stock price by over $4.60.

In conclusion, the Bitcoin price is currently fighting against the $19,500 and $19,620 resistance levels. A sustained rise might begin with closing over $19,500.