StomGain’s Innovation in DEX: Fintech Awards FalconX 360

  • StormGain Introduces the Decentralized Exchange
  • FalconX 360 Receives a Major Fintech Innovation Recognition

StormGain Introduces the Decentralized Exchange

The decentralized exchange (DEX) by crypto company StormGain allows a decentralized trade of digital holdings even without protective liability. The DEX has been introduced after several weeks of testing and is accessible through online and mobile applications.

In light of the demise of numerous centralized cryptocurrency networks and well-known institutions with a technological emphasis, decentralized exchanges (DEXs) are increasingly popular in crypto trading. Users are granted access to personal choice currencies and management of their credentials on decentralized networks.

StormGain has added a DEX to its line of products, allowing investors the freedom to select their favored approach while providing a non-custodial option towards its centralized exchange (CEX). The DEX will enable customers to make trades openly, including all transactions fulfilled via the blockchain, by connecting their non-custodial blockchain account.

No account signup or deposit is required because the DEX wallet provides write-protected or read-only access. In addition, order fulfillment can be done quickly and effectively thanks to smart contracts.

Users can link to their chosen accounts, including Trust Wallet, MetaMask, and Argent, which utilize the WalletConnect interface and protocol using the StormGain DEX. Eventually, integration for more wallets will appear.

The DEX presently serves with the Ethereum-based blockchain. However, it’ll soon add compatibility for the Tron and Binance Smart Chain (BSC) blockchains.

Substantial liquidity, a large selection of cryptocurrency pairs, and leverage of approximately 500x are all features of StormGain DEX. In addition, above 55 cryptocurrency tools, including tokenized assets, commodities, and options, are available to traders.

The introduction of StormGain’s (DEX) may provide improved safety and openness for crypto buyers and sellers who wish to transact in digital holdings without entrusting their money to a centralized organization.

Users will trade between themselves on a peer-to-peer (P2P) basis alone without the involvement of intermediaries by utilizing a decentralized system. Doing so decreases the danger of hackers and other vulnerabilities when money is kept at centralized exchanges.

For customers interested in purchasing and selling on the platform, the revelation of StormGain’s DEX completing beta testing has become accessible online and through mobile applications is encouraging.

FalconX 360 Receives a Major Fintech Innovation Recognition

FinTech Breakthrough has given FalconX, a digital holding major exchange for prominent institutions, the 2023 Decentralized Finance Innovation Award for its ground-breaking FalconX 360 system. The prize honors exceptional goods, services, and businesses transforming the fintech industry and influencing how consumers and companies access and use global finance in the future.

The first and only integrated investing and risk mitigation system for investment firms is called FalconX 360. With just one solution, it provides simplified connectivity to over-the-counter (OTC) and spot trading, loans, settlement, holding, monitoring, and more.

Compared to any other supplier on today’s market, FalconX 360 gives investment firms accessibility to 94% leaving just 6% of the worldwide cryptocurrency industry through a specific account.

The Inventor and chief executive officer of FalconX, Raghu Yarlagadda, conveyed his appreciation for the honor and stated that FalconX feels honored to be acknowledged amid a distinguished set of fintech pioneers including previous award winners such as Experian, Northwestern Mutual, and Charles Schwab.

He added that this degree of acceptance demonstrates that DeFi is the direction of the financial industry and affirms FalconX’s leadership role in this transformation.

With seamless accessibility from FalconX 360, clients may save funds and time and combine risk mitigation, essential products, and security protocols into a single platform. In addition, FalconX 360 makes it easier for clients to become more engaged and agile in business operations by easing access to the blockchain network of digital holdings.