Sony Music Signs Up For NFT-certified Music Trademark

NFTs continue making the rounds in the space as one of the leading music companies in the business sees its potential. Sony, an American entertainment company, announced it is applying for the NFT trademark. The branding will overlay artists, artworks, video recordings, audio recordings, and texts that support non-fungible tokens. 

Sony Music To Integrate NFT

The music production company concluded it would be best to incorporate digital works such as NFTs. So, it motions its resolve to file for a trademark at the USPTO office. 

Mike Kondoudis, a trademark lawyer, shared a trademark filing from Sony on September 6. Sony applied on August 30 at the United States Patents and Trademark Office. According to the application, the trademark will certify NFT-supported audio content and video recordings. 

Artists signed to the Columbia Music Record Label will be granted access to these NFTs. They can utilize it in their music videos or stage performances. 

Other inclusions in the application are online and offline services. These include distribution services, marketing services, song promotion services, music distribution services, podcast production, and audio-visual content.

Sony Entertainment company owns many NFT-supported items and happens to add a trademark filing to its inventory. It is not the first time the firm would display a keen interest in virtual reality tokens.

The company, together with a few others, had financed a non-fungible tokens marketplace in August. MakersPlace received $30 million via Series A financing. This money came from prominent firms like Sony entertainments, Bessemer ventures partner, Pantera capital ventures, and Coinbase incorporation. 

Sony Signs NFT Deals

Furthermore, Sony had partnered with Behemoth Universal music group and Snowcrash to unveil NFTs in March. The collection featured Miles Davis and Bob Dylan’s non-fungible tokens. Following their release, the three companies agreed again to reveal their collections in the long run. 

The entertainment industry, especially the music industry, continues promoting NFTs within the space. Non-fungible tokens are attracting a lot of enthusiasts as a result. NFTs could become fully integrated with the entertainment industry by looking at its latest successes in the coming years.

One could note a significant step-up from the recently held MTV Video Music Awards on August 29. Eminem and Snoop Dogg performed their latest single in a virtual reality developed by Yuga Labs. Yuga Labs also invented one of the leading NFTs, the Bored Ape Yacht Club.

Therefore, making the MTV awards one of the biggest award shows featuring NFT-based performances from major artists. The two artists had starred BAYC avatars in a song video titled From the D to the LBC, released in June. 

Inspired by their performance, the MTV Awards launched a new award for best metaverse presentation. Artists nominated for this award include BTS, Justin Bieber, 21 Pilot, Blackpink, Ariana Grande, and Charlie XCX. Blackpink eventually won.