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Solid Marketz is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all clients and intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full Solid Marketz review to learn more about Solid Marketz.

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Solid Marketz Review

They say that the only thing constant in life is change. One of the most profound changes in recent history is that people can now make money right from the comfort of their homes. It was almost impossible to imagine this, say, twenty years ago. But it is happening, and you had best jumped on that train. There are many opportunities the internet has opened up, ranging from freelancing, web designing, crypto trading, and forex trading. We will be centering on forex trading today, which is why we are bringing this Solid Marketz review to your table.

The modern world has seen a relative shift in the trade of Forex. Forex trading is as old as peak moments of the Babylonian empire. Yet, unlike in the past, you can now access the Forex market and make millions from the comfort of your home – right in your briefs or even in your birthday suit.

However, choosing the right broker is not a walk in the park. You have to be careful when partnering with a broker as there are lots of brokers that are not well secured and whose standards are not up to par. Some brokers who offer the barest minimum such as $5 for an account opening can easily be susceptible to hacking. If you are a novice in the Forex world, it will do you plenty good to check out Solid Marketz.

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What is Solid Marketz?

Solid Marketz is an online broker birthed from the vision of seasoned financial professionals who came together intending to provide optimal services for seasoned traders. Their focus is to deliver top-notch services to their clients. They also offer trading training to their clients, especially those at the intermediate level.

Besides, the platform which Solid Marketz has is one of a kind. Its user interface is the type that grants the client easy access to trading tools. Its user interface is also easy to use and understand and is very friendly to beginner and intermediate users. We will be sharing a bit on how Solid Marketz works. Let us explore this together.

Engagements on Solid Marketz

Solid Marketz is a brokerage that provides a platform for its clients to engage in trades via different investment tools. They are basically middlemen as they help you invest your funds into assets of your choice. You are given your profits according to your selected trades and lot size. They take their percentage gains towards every trade made, of course. This only logical as they need to make a profit. Also, they have to keep their platform running and in optimal shape.

The Solid Marketz Trading Platform

Trading is not as straightforward as you think. If it were that easy, everyone would have been as rich as Jeff Bezos right now. There are times you earn so much money from trades you enter while at other times, you lose so much. Trading forex is not about luck. You have to gain experience, and also you have to learn the ropes of dangerous entries.

With all the frustrations of oozing funds from time to time, the first thing you should avoid is a terrible trading platform. When you face challenges from bad losses after a trade, it might spur you to engage more in trading and learn what you did wrong and work towards it. But when the trading platform you use becomes a problem, trading experiences would make you frustrated. You may eventually give up.

Solid Marketz trading platform

Optimized user interface

Solid Marketz emerged with the client in mind. They have analyzed the problems that traders could face at any point in time. They used this analysis to create an optimized website with the latest software that makes the platform easy to use without any glitches.  Solid Marketz trading platform is very user-friendly. It is especially good news to users who are not really comfortable with technology. It is not a shameful thing to get confused when using technology you are not familiar with. The Solid Marketz platform has taken care of several loopholes that a novice trader might encounter, avoiding time wastage. Thus it helps you get into trading properly without stress.

Trade In Any Location of Your Choice

Trading has been gaining so much popularity in recent times. People are beginning to see the light because, when mastered, it is a key to practical financial freedom. While some take forex trading as a full-time job, others do it as a second option instead. So they trade only when they have the time. Platforms like Solid Marketz are there for every trader to access the forex market at any time.

Apart from accessing the platform at your convenience, you can also access it with your smartphone or laptop/desktop. Accessing the platform from different devices is perfect for traders who love to have different options. Besides, many people feel more comfortable using one of these gadgets over the other.  For your phone, you can link your Solid Marketz account to either MetaTrader 4 or MetaTrader 5; and Web-Trader, making it easy to trade at any location of your choice.

The Assets Offered

The assets offered are among the most important reasons for selecting a broker. Although it is necessary to understand the full packages concerning a broker’s trading platform, how secure your funds are, among others, what should primarily inform your choice of brokers is the assets they offer. If the assets you need from a broker are unavailable, and you can not settle for what is available, you should move on.

Here are a few assets that Solid Marketz offer:


Forex has to do with the trading and exchange of foreign currency. Rookies can get confused by Forex, but it is easy to grasp after a while. It only requires consistent practice.

On Forex, Solid Marketz’s spread is reasonable and not too costly. Their user policy makes it easy for users to carry out activities. You can find currencies that are well known and focus on one currency pair before you decide to diversify.


Another trading asset that is becoming more popular by the day is the CFD. On the Solid Marketz platform, it is also possible to trade in stocks. When you look at it, it is a relatively peculiar trading way.  The spread is very good when compared to the lucrative sum you could end up making from this trading option.


Most veteran traders prefer to trade on indices. The pattern in which stocks are traded has not changed over the years – even though stocks have been traded for quite some time now. Thus, a trader’s knowledge of the market, coupled with his vast experience gives him an advantage when he is involved with indices trading.

You will be given a heads-up of favorable positions when trading on indices. This will inform your decision on following through with an investment. Experience and knowledge gathered from previous trades will serve you well. These decisions could get you large profits when trading the indices market. As a newbie, do not be afraid to step into new waters. Learn and evolve.

Trading Accounts

There is a wide array of people who on the Solid Marketz platform to trade. You find people at the beginner level as well as the expert level on the web trader platform. To take good care of different people on each level, Solid Marketz offers varying accounts to people with different skill set levels.

On Solid Marketz, there are three account types offered to their clients. They have different capabilities depending on the amount of money deposited.

Beginner Account

The beginner account is the first account. It is the perfect account for people with zero trading skills or for traders who are still testing the waters. The entry-level for the least account type is €250 – which is cheap by all standards. It means that the platform can be tested out without making a large commitment.

However, because it is a basic account, the features offered are not optimal.  On this account, you are offered only access to Solid Marketz’s top assets, online Live Webinars as well as free daily market research reports.

Intermediate Account

The intermediate account is for people who have experience in the market but do not have a big budget for trading. The requirement for entry is much higher than that of the beginner package. With the intermediate account, the lowest you can deposit is €5,000. This plan gets you features like access to Solid Marketz assets, online live webinars, free daily market research reports, dedicated account manager, 1:1 live session (3 sessions), online academy, and 3-month access to expert advisors.

It is an improvement to the beginner account. It helps the trader to improve in his trade significantly.

Expert Account

The expert account is the final account on the list. It serves people who have both the skills and the funds to trade in the forex market. They are not ignorant of things that have to do with trading and trends. The entry point is the highest among the three, with the first deposit being €20,000.

Some of the features of the expert package include:

·       access to Solid Marketz assets online live webinars,

·       free daily market research reports,

·       a dedicated account manager,

·       1:1 live session (unlimited sessions) online academy,

·       unlimited access to an expert advisor; and full access to the live trading room.

Deposits and Withdrawals

Of course, making profits would warrant the need for withdrawal at some point. You cannot use the money if you cannot access your funds when you need it. When trading on Solid Marketz’s platform, the ease of withdrawal and deposition is top-notch. You do not have to struggle when withdrawing or depositing your money.

Wire Transfer

People send money via wire transfer, especially if it involves a large amount of money that cannot be sent via other means. When making a transaction that can’t possibly support a large sum of money, the wire transfer is preferred. Many have touted it to be the easiest way of sending money to a person’s loved ones. Wire transfers are very safe; you do not have to worry about your money hanging.

Credit Card Transfer

The credit card transfer option is mostly for deposits. It is the easiest way to make a transfer into your broker account. This is faster and quite dependable. All you need to do is to add your card information to the platform; you’ll be able to make a deposit yourself.

Remember Your Transfer Limits

The amount you can withdraw at a time is limited but not on how much you can deposit. There is a fixed limit to how much you can withdraw. The expert accounts also have this limit on their accounts. Be sure you know the limit of how much you can withdraw from your account.

Also, it takes at least 5-10 business days to be processed. You might be charged some amount of money for withdrawing through some methods.

Why Solid Marketz is Awesome

Now that the Solid Marketz platform is out there to see let us dive into our new home.

Funds security

One of the biggest worries of clients is their money. They constantly battle with the thought of losing their funds.  They need to be sure that their funds are secure.  Solid Marketz places the client’s assets at the top of the priority list. It is the bedrock on which the company stands. They leave no stone unturned to protect the clients’ money and at all costs.

Therefore, a 256-piece SSL encryption is inserted all over the whole website that prevents the site from being susceptible to hacking. A genuine site character affirmation seal is also inserted into the platform. The customers’ funds are kept in top-shot banks in all of Europe. Then to verify the identity of the users, 3D-secure is used by Solid Marketz on all visa exchanges done.

The Learning Experience

All account types stand a chance to learn about Forex. The beauty of Forex is that you do not need to have a diploma to understand or start Forex. The internet is full of materials that you can use to up your forex game. You have a lot to learn even after ten years of trading. You have to keep learning.

One of the few things you have to learn is how markets function. You have to know when to enter a trade and check out your analysis on whether opening a trade would bring profit.

There is no guarantee that these would bring you profit; nonetheless, this learning curve Solid Marketz makes available will help you take cognizance of some trading factors so you would haphazard a good guess into the trade.

Solid Marketz has tons of materials that their users can utilize to become better traders. It could be ebooks, articles, and blog posts. These materials provide information about the happenings in the market, what made it that way, the journey of the pips, among others.

Most beginners like to earn their money via the trial-by-error method. But it is possible to burn through your money in no time when you use this method. The best thing to do is to minimize the risks that you take. Learn how to reduce your losses by reading about them.

Customer Service Extraordinaire

Another thing that makes Solid Marketz awesome is its customer service. They have a responsive team of customer service representatives who understand the run-in of the market. Anytime there is an issue to be solved, customer representatives are the first in line to receive complaints. You can also reach Solid Marketz’ customer service via other channels like WhatsApp, their social media platforms, as well as through e-mail.

The user experience is not complete without a medium to contact the broker you are dealing with. It might ruin the user experience entirely and lead to client dissatisfaction. Luckily, Solid Marketz’s intelligent customer support representatives are well-trained to tackle any technical issues the users might encounter.


Starting forex trading can be daunting. You can spend days procrastinating as you are confused as to how things would work out. At first, understanding how everything works is hard. Nonetheless, with time, you will become a professional forex trader. The best advice to give you is to take things slow. You will not have all the knowledge or skills you need in a day.

Do not dwell on a big loss, also. Assimilate the basics of forex trading before venturing into it full-time trading. Enjoy Solid Marketz’s well of resources that will help with your trading experience. Also, never underestimate the need for constant knowledge renewal. It is pivotal advice if you want to go far.