Snoop Dogg, Web3 And NFTs

Web3 is decentralized open-source as explained by many of its users, has been promoting its users to find the methods for making profits from its distinctive growing features with Metaverse.

When so many investors are still looking for the right places in the market to make their best moves, famous rapper Snoop Dogg who is also an NFT whale have already found his beat and surpasses many in the marketplace.

The artist had announced his joining of FaZe Clan which is a digital and gaming platform on March 7, to build up the links between gaming and music culture. Experts consider Snoop Dogg to be a powerful voice as with his digital collectibles he uplifted his credibility in the Web3 platform.

From Snoopverse creation in The Sandbox to building Cozomo de’ Medici as an online identity his footprint has become very hard to be ignored. The artist has had a compelling influence in the sector.

The rapper’s involvement in Web3 is innovative, creating content and featuring on development. The artist does not flinch from dropping without any break in the sector, making some believe that he might be the present Web3 face showing the way to others.

After visual art NFTs, Music NFTs are also expected soon as some present strategic alliance is in progress. For instance, the rapper in the recent past collected Records of Death Row and aimed to transform them into Metaverse’s first recording label of NFT. Some others are influenced by alliancing with other celebrities.

3lau, music producer and DJ allianced with rapper Nas and established NFT platform Royal for raising awareness of different methods through which celebrities could connect with fans and meanwhile also generate revenue streams through their creations. Although, it is not only celebrities who are attracted to this technology sector.

Experts of Web3 are very thrilled by the freedom of creation in Metaverse and also realize that artists could be fairly rewarded through NFTs. Marketplace platforms like Royal, Zora, Catalog, and Sound are concentrating on artists to hold their NFTs music ownership rights to earn maximum royalty on every resale.