Slim Jim Creates Shiba Inu Non-Fungible Token to Celebrate “Doge Day”

The campaign ran by the members of the Dogecoin community has gotten the attention of the snack food ran by Slim Jim. Slim Jim also became part of the “Dogecoin” campaign set up by the Doge community by creating a crypto collectible or NFT.

Slim Jim Creates Non-Fungible Token

The Slim Jim snack company has created a new crypto collectible artwork that features Shiba Inu, the famous breed of dog that is used to represent the crypto and a rocket.

In a financial news website, Benzinga, a representative of the food company, was cited. He said: “Slim Jim, in honour of the 4/20 – the Doge Day, is hyping the philosophy of the Doge which is ‘Doing Only Good Everyday’ with its pioneer non-fungible token.”

Though the theme of the NFT is about Dogecoin, the NFT was created using the Ethereum network and then it is being auctioned at the moment on OpenSea, an Ethereum marketplace for NFTs.

The Bidding of the NFT will last till 2:59 AM on 24th April, and currently, the highest bid of the NFT has been about 0.06 ETH (which is worth about $136 approximately). The auction continues with $10,000 to be donated to the World Central Kitchen, a charity organization that gives meals to survivors after natural disasters.

The presence of Slim Jim on social media has been structured on memes which makes this event very fitting for them to participate in. however, the decision of Slim Jim to create a crypto collectible is a part of a bigger trend. Most other companies have also set up similar NFTs. The renowned participants are Microsoft, TIME, the New York Times, and Nasdaq.

This year has been very remarkable for DOGE, and it is all thanks to promotion from such celebrities as the CEO of Tesla, Elon Musk, plus the other targeted campaigns that started from a Reddit community. As a result of these campaigns, the price of DOGE has gained over 16,000% over the years. Though the acceptance of the coin is growing rapidly and steadily, currently, about 1200 companies accept this token. It has also been able to show a glorious performance both in terms of price value as well as market capitalization during the course of the past few days.