Sega Unveils Its First Game Built on the Blockchain

Double has announced that the development of the next Sangokushi Taisen game has begun. The installment of the series will take the form of a blockchain-based video game. The novel “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” by Luo Guanzhong served as a significant source of inspiration. 

The game Sangokushi Taisen, a digital card collecting strategy, was based on this concept. The game’s action takes place in China during the Three Kingdoms era.

Blockchain Is a Bet on The Future for Major Video Game Developers

More and more people are interested in the idea of blockchain gaming. Among the companies paying attention are popular western game developers like Epic Games. Just recently, Epic Games introduced a no-frills, free-to-play version of Blankos Block Party.

In the meanwhile, producers of video games are investigating the potential of blockchain technology. Bandai Namco, Square Enix, Ubisoft, and now Sega are just a few of the many video game publishers and creators. Oasys is one of its early validators and has the backing of all of these significant developers and publishers.

Oasys is leading a revolution in the gaming industry with its eco-friendly Proof of Stake (PoS) mechanism and interoperability with EVMs.

Oasys was launched in Japan in February 2022 as a distributed ledger technology (blockchain) project. It’s one of a kind in that its chain structure was built with gaming in mind. It seeks to address current problems facing blockchain games. 

Persistent problems include long wait times for transactions and high costs for using the system. It aspires to provide its consumers with a better gaming experience as well. Oasys can provide high-speed gaming at no extra expense to its customers. Together, Layer-1 public blockchain and Layer-2 private blockchain will do this.

When asked about the company’s goals, Oasys Director Daiki Moriyama beamed enthusiastically. Their goal is to lead the charge in getting more people to play blockchain-based games. Double jump seeks to build a new generation of games with SEGA on the CEO Hironobu Ueno said they are excited to be a pioneering partner.

Sangokushi Taisen: What Is It?

As was alluded to before, the Sangokushi Taisen series draws inspiration from an ancient Chinese story. Luo Guanzhong penned “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” in the 14th century. Each participant in the tale vies with the others to conquer the other side’s castle. The winner of a fight is the fighter who, at the end of the conflict, still has the most health.

Originally, Sangokushi Taisen was a card game with a lot of activity and competition. Sega-owned and operated arcades were the only places to play this game. As a result of its introduction in March 2005, trading card games and competitive online games saw a surge in popularity. It had a significant effect on the subsequent video gaming industry.

The video game received several accolades, including the Excellence Award, cementing its place in gaming history. 

Its internal fighting game community also earned recognition from the CEDEC Awards. This was possible thanks to its many ardent adherents.