RoyalStox Review – The Innovative Financial Broker

RoyalStox Review

RoyalStox ReviewWith the plethora of options and uncertainties in the global financial market today, choosing a platform that allows flexibility and profit maximization as a trader or investor is important. Luckily, the current market environment offers a ton of legitimate brokerage service that specializes in trade diversities.

One such trading platform is the RoyalStox. As a platform devoted to unifying existing market models and emerging markets, the RoyalStox combines a wide suite of functionalities tailored to provide clients with optimal trading experiences. This client-centric broker opens access and easy foray into digital trading for traders of all experience levels. It does this by creating unique innovative solutions through the application of cutting-edge technologies.

For this review, we highlight the intricacies of the trading environment created by RoyalStox and how it works.

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A Summary View of RoyalStox

Broker RoyalStox
Minimum Initial Deposit $250
Demo Account Yes
Leverage 1:100 to 1:1000
Asset Coverage Forex, Cryptocurrencies, CFDs on Commodities, Indices, Stock Options and Shares
Trading Platforms MT4 Webtrader, Social Trading
Account Types Micro Account, Standard Account, Platinum Account, Premium Account, VIP Account, Business Account The Innovative Financial Broker

Although relatively a newbie in the financial trading scenes, RoyalStox has carved a path for itself as one of the best ranked comprehensive trading services providers. It was launched as a financial broker to provide access to the world’s most diversified financial products.

RoyalStox has its key focus on customer satisfaction and leap forwards in technology. As such, it features a top class platform equipped with tools that magnifies the uniqueness of cutting edge technology.

RoyalStox highlights the importance of financial security in digital trading and provides a secure environment for investment in top trade markets. It has a portfolio of over 200 financial instruments with a resultant robust clientele base from over 140 nations.

Its consumer-based model also enables it to offer access to Forex instruments, CFDs and Futures, Spot metals, Spot Indices, Stocks and Commodities. It also seeks to aid the advancement of the crypto industry mainstream by providing support for several crypto assets.

RoyalStox also recognizes uncertainties in the global economy and financial markets. As such, it leans towards technology to provide robo-inspired management services and solutions to its clients.

Consequently, it has fostered a reputation as one of the best performing platforms in the community of brokerage services with outstanding methods of aiding maximization of profits.

Extensive Product Catalogue Offered by RoyalStox

RoyalStox underpins its rapid advancement on support for a sheer number of trading options and its accessibility feature. It stands out of the sea of brokers by providing a harness for traders seeking more comprehensive ways of maximizing their holdings and profits.

This platform oversees over 200 instruments of trade which provides avenues for entry into the financial market and transition into several niches in the financial industry. Thanks to its inclusion foresight, RoyalStox places the bulk of its research on managing investments and has an extensive portfolio for diversity.

RoyalStox serves as a Foreign Exchange broker. As such, it has enlisted on its platform Forex instruments and several assets including Stock options and Shares. The platform also covers offerings on Commodities, Spot metals, Spot Indices and Futures.

The broker offers support for several major and minor currencies including the US Dollars (USD), the Euro (EUR), the New Zealand Dollar (NZD), the South African Rand (ZAR), Japanese Yen (JPY), and the Canadian Dollar (CAD).

The trading pairs listed on the trading platform extend to 17 pairs with the EUR/USD, USD/CAD, and GBP/USD some of the top players on the table.

Cryptocurrencies have been gaining marginal recognition in the global financial scenes but their anonymous and decentralized nature seems to be a major impediment to their mainstream adoption.

Regardless, their availability has not been limited as several platforms and exchanges had risen up to the task over the years. However, security had remained an underlying issue faced.

RoyalStox stands out in this regard by not only providing an extensive catalogue of crypto offerings, but also features a uniquely secure environment for trade. All financial instruments can be traded short or long depending on the choice of clients and provided all requirements with be complied with.

Trust and Security

As a digital platform, RoyalStox is subject to the Data Protection Act 1998 and the European Union (EU) e-Privacy Directive. With this in view, it places great stock on the privacy and security of its clients’ data.

It is also compliant with the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group’s guidelines with an additional membership on the Financial Action Task Force. The broker weighs the bulk of its security and Anti Money Laundering (AML) policies on this set of guidelines.

Its trust-inspired features include KYC requirements and several other steps. These requirements dictate the provision of a valid proof of identity with fully updated records and information on clients.

While it offers no particularly guaranteed risk coverage on assets traded, the platform ensures work at mitigating risks through educational procedures and insights into the landscape.

Other security features provided include double-layer encryption with a two-factor authentication system. It inculcates transparency into its operations and as such has its fees structure carefully detailed to avoid conflicts of interests.

Customer Experience and Support

RoyalStox claims commitment to customer satisfaction as one of its primary goal and features a good customer support system.  Its clients support platform opens to a multilingual system which seeks to break barriers in communication.

The broker offers 24/5 support with its office address, email address and phone number listed on its Contact page. The platform’s main website has no FAQ page but makes up for this by requesting a direction of all inquiries to its customer support operators.

Response to customer queries is provided within 5 business days of the receipt. RoyalStox features an active social media presence which allows for further relations with the platform and promotional entries.

Research and Educational Tools

Research is fully structured to equip any level of investors and traders with adequate knowledge of the landscape. The platform features a wide set of tools and resources targeted at improving traders’ profit positions.

On RoyalStox, the insights field includes trading signals that are functional and automated. These trading signals are aimed at aiding profitable trading strategies and are based on market conditions.

RoyalStox also stands out by offering online courses to its clients’. These courses are free for all registered clients and are offered at different experience levels.

On Social Trading and CopyTrading

RoyalStox has one of its major strengths in providing its clients with a unique trading experience through social trading as well as a mobile trading platform. The broker exposes its clients to flexibility in trading through open channels of connection and interaction.

With its matchless social trading platform, investors and traders can interact with the real-time trading community while benefiting from the social experience and sentiments. The broker also provides a professional management balance for clients through its robo-based solutions.

RoyalStox provides a strong backbone for investors seeking professional advice through its hybrid robo-advisor service and access to experienced advisors.  It also includes a comprehensive clientele portfolio of advanced traders in its social trading program.

Unique Mobile Trading Experience

RoyalStox aims to have its unique trading functionalities at the fingertips of its clients without the restrictions of their region. The broker therefore integrated a Webtrader platform which provides access to the services offered through any suitable browser.

The Webtrader platform includes a wide range of features that overrules the common issue with trading and creates a faster, simpler and smart path of trading. Its web program enlists applications from HTML5 technology for the adaptation of trading charts for analysis.

The charting feature is fully equipped with indicators and several tools to aid customization of trading charts when necessary.

The one-click interface and customizable layout of the platform allows you to apply any tool or indicator at the same time. It has a feature that allows you to minimize and manage your account while surfing through the internet or setting up another preferred task.

Accounts on RoyalStox

Clients are privy to the full range of features and trading experience by registration. The broker features six different account types, which are highlighted by different inimitable factors but bespoke to attend to the clients’ needs.

A Highlight of the Account Types on RoyalStox

Account Type Micro Account Standard Account Platinum Account Premium Account VIP Account Business Account
Minimum Deposit $250 $5,000 $25,000 $50,000 $100,000 $250,000
Leverage 1:350 1:200 1:100 1:500 1:750 1:1000
Spread on Majors Fixed Fixed Fixed/ Variable Fixed/ Variable Fixed/ Variable Fixed/ Variable
Dedicated Account Manager Up to 2 weeks Full Up to 2 weeks Full Full Full
WD 5 Working Days 7 Working Days 7 Working Days Immediate Immediate Immediate
  •  Micro Account

This account is perhaps the broker’s basic level with a minimum deposit at $250 and the maximum deposit limit set at $4,999. It features a minimum trade volume of 0.01 and leverage up to 1:350 depending on the asset chosen.

For this account, users are entitled to full access to all trading platforms, account manager services and partial access to the Academy. The spreads here are fixed on major currencies and users are open to personal trading sessions with a personal account manager and 24/5 support.

  • Standard Account

The Standard account differs from the Micro account with a deposit limit ranging from $5,000 to $24,999. Here, clients are open to 24/5 support and leverage up to 1:200. The account features full access to all trading platforms and an introductory session to trading.

This account however places limits on access to the Academy and a dedicated account manager. The minimum trade volume is 0.01 Lots and Spreads for this account on major currencies are fixed.

  • Platinum Account

The platinum account features leverage up to 1:100 with fixed spreads on Majors. The deposit limit runs from $25,000 to $49,999. The minimum trade volume bears a semblance to the other forms of account at 0.01Lots.

Users of this account are entitled to an introduction session with an account manager, access to a dedicated account personnel restricted to 2 weeks and partial access to the Academy. The highlight of this account is an inclusive variable spread on majors and full access to all trading platforms.

  • Premium Account

Clients on this account have access to 24/5 support and the minimum deposit runs from $50,000 to $99,999. The minimum trade volume is cast at 0.01 Lots with spreads on majors featured as fixed or variable depending on the choice of the investor.

The leverage offered is up to 1:500 and users have full access to the Academy, full consultation with a dedicated account manager and personal trading sessions with a personal account manager.

  • VIP Account

The deposit limit runs from $100,000 to $249,999. Clients here are open to full access account manager services and a personal account managerial consultation. The leverage on this account is up to $1:750 and the minimum trade volume of 0.01 Lots.

There are no restrictions on access to the Academy and all trading platforms. The spreads on majors are either fixed or variable.

  • Business Account

The highlight of this account is its leverage which is up to 1:1000. It has its minimum trade volume set at 0.01 Lots but its spreads on majors can be fixed or variable dependent on choice. Users have full academy access as well as unrestricted access to all trading platforms.

The clients on this account are entitled to consultation with a dedicated account manager as well as sessions with a personal account manager.

Withdrawal and Deposits

Trading and transactions of all levels on the platform requires a deposit. The broker seeks to advance access to its trading to all and made several payment methods available. At RoyalStox, deposits and withdrawals can be made through Bank or Wire transfer.

It also includes support for credit cards and debit cards. Clients are required, in compliance with the WD policy; perform all transactions related to deposit from a single source such that confirmation of payment is easily done by the platform.

Commission and Fees

Withdrawals and deposits on the platform are subjected to commissions. These commissions vary with the mode of transaction, the account type and the activities of the account. The broker features an open fee scheme which showcases detailed requirements for transactions on the platform.

Withdrawals on wire transfers or bank transfers are charged $50.00 (or £/€ 50.00). Credit/ Debit cards on the other hand are charged $25.00 (£/€ 25.00) with a $10.00 (or £7.00 /€5.00) processing fee.

RoyalStox also requires a 10% levy on withdrawal from any account without over 200 in turnover or unverified accounts.

Payment Method Wire Transfer Debit/Credit Cards
Minimum Deposit 250.00 USD/EUR/GBP 250.00 USD/EUR/GBP
Minimum Withdrawal 250.00


100.00 USD/EUR/GBP
Deposit Fees None None
Withdrawal fees 50.00 USD/EUR/GBP 35.00 USD/EUR/GBP (+ $10 / €5/ £7 processing fee)

 What Do I Need To Trade on RoyalStox?

RoyalStox has specific model tailored to accommodate its clients’ needs while enabling their progress even in the most volatile and liquid markets. It leans on several policies to enable them to anticipate these needs and satisfy them.

Trading on the platform is relatively easy due to its user-friendly interface and single-clicks systems. Though built with several tools and landmarks for successful trading, navigating through the platform is regarded as simple.

With its AML, GDPR and KYC policies in view, RoyalStox necessitates a registration process with valid forms of identification for its clients. The client is required to provide a valid international passport or government-issued ID card for record-keeping and account verification.

During registration and trading, the platform requires that the client submit:

  • Name and Surname
  • Contact Details
  • Date of Birth
  • Gender
  • Relevant Information on Assets and liabilities owned
  • Information on Account balances, financial statements, trading and tax statement (where relevant)
  • Profession
  • Employment details and Location

The platform also collates other information from the client such as the IP address or a unique identifier for the device used to access the broker’s site. The mode of identification could also be utility bills or drivers’ license where necessary.

What you Need to Know about RoyalStox

RoyalStox trading platform stands as one of the best models for traders seeking to ride on the waves of inclusion and diversity in the global financial market. It includes a platform tailored to provide less experienced traders with aims of advancing by gleaning from the sentiments and experience of other traders.

The broker understands the risks associated with trading especially in the existing market conditions. As such, it provides several features that enable investors and clients to work out the best strategies that suit their respective needs.

As a brokerage service hoping to expand the existing market landscape, it opens to a broad range of financial products and instruments. Furthermore with a user-friendly system, a uniquely built intuitive trading platform and multilingual customer support, RoyalStox stands as one of the best fits for the rapidly expanding financial world.

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